how were the 06 YZ450f's?

I got a chance to trade my streetbikefor either a YZ450 or a CRf450, both bikes are 06.

The CRF has a hig comp. piston, renthal twinwalls, new clutch, new plastic, newer chain and sprockets,nice levers, suspension set up for a heavier guy (190-195 A-rider): was a A-class race bike. good tires also.

The YZ is all stock except for some graphics, aftermarket airscrew, re-done suspesion (again, heavier a-class rider), and good tires.

-Both bikes have some wear on clovers and frame which is expected. The YZ has a little more on the covers. The guy with the CRf told me all the history, the guy with the YZ has doesnt know much because he was second owner, but previous owner told him it was a spare bike.

My question is how would the YZ450f hold up? I Felt better on that bike, but I am afraid of 4-strokes blowin up! I want to know how the YZ450f's reliability is compared to others. could the bike have taken some abuse and still more reliable then others? I know these are probably stupid questions but without tearing the motor apart I will not know how they really are.

-by the way, I have a YZ250 so I want to add the 4-stroker to my stable.

I bought a 06 yz in spring of 07, $5k out the door. I'm just starting my 3rd summer of motocross, and WI winters offer some great Ice racing. I should have bought an hour meter , but best guess is 250 + hours conservative. I changed oil every other ride , replaced the chain with an O-ring , rear sprocket and steering stem bearings. Nothing else , still runs like a dream.

The Honda will out handle the Yamaha any day. The 2006 YZ450 is know for not being a good bike in the middle of the turns. They want to stand up and people always complain that the radiator shrouds catch in the top of their boots. It's your call, but CRF vs. YZf 06 to 06, take the Honda.

id go for the more reliable(yamaha for sure) and for the 1 that you feel better on.

i have 150 hours on my 06 and its just getting better.

going to put new piston when i get to 200.

i changed cam chain tires steering stem bearings chain and like 10 clutch leavers, thats all!

i change oil every 3-5 hours or if its realy hot 2, or if it will change color. amsoil

and ya valves are like the day it left the dealers floor

crf450 with high comp piston????? sounds like a recipe from the anarchists cookbook. kaBOOM.

i'd go with the yamaha. because i can't afford to rebuild a 4-stroke.

I have a 06 yz450 as well and I would take the yamaha over the honda.

All are good points, my son has an '06 CRF450R and I have the '06 YZ450F. Yeah the honda is abit more ergonomic and friendly in the turns but the Yami is super stable, you can wind the engine longer, it's more reliable for engine maintenance. Both bikes are great

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