Retail price for a new WR450F

Hey guys, I am in the process of moving from an XR650R to a WR450. What can I expect for a discount off the MSRP of $6399?

Until you start seeing them sitting, unsold, on showroom floors I wouldn't expect much of a discount if any at all. There have been several TT members, however, that have been able to work the price down with their dealers but I believe they're the exception, not the rule. Good luck!

I paid $6479.00 for mine including freight and setup, no tax

6,395 out the door tax included.

I already see them sitting at my local dealer. He wanted to charge me retail plus prep and freight. I told him to bite me. Thats why they are still there.

I paid 5990.00 out the door. The money I saved went to the stabelizer. :)

I paid $5885 out of state (no tax).

$5889 + tax.

$5699 out the door!

I gave the "local thieves" in NJ each one shot. They all wanted list++. I cut a sweet deal at Montomeryville Cycle Center in PA for $5,798, no set-up fee, no extra bs. I recommend them. They were willing to fill out the Vermont title & registration paperwork without a hassle. I expect to hear from VT soon.

Be lucky to get one and just remember it is still around 1000 less than a KTM .There are parts available and a clutch lever does not cost $90 . Just say no to KTM .

I payed $9100.00 out the door. Thats in canadian paceos!!!!!!!!!

A buddy of mine just paid $8100 (cdn) out the door

Ok. I've decided that all you guys on this thread suck (because you all got a better price than I did!) :):D

Hell don't feel bad Dave I paid 6100. for ours.

Some of these guys must be serious negotiators. I paid $6,405 OTD for my 02 WR426 at Thanksgiving, and felt great about it. GEEEEEZ :)

Well here is the latest I have called every dealer in MA, RI, NH and CT and there are none thats right no WR450F's to be had. They all say the same story that they were allotted 1 or 2 bikes for the year and thats it. All gone now and all but one dealer says they don't expect to see any more this year.....I am not happy..... :)

I searched all over Sothern CA. Best I could do was $7000.00 OTD!!! Just stopped by Montclair Yamaha and they had 10 on the floor and prices were a bit better!

I guess timing is everything!

Still stoked!

Oh, I just want mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where oh where are they. Dealer tells me they are due in next week now (was supposed to be yesterday) I am going to take up professional masterbation instead of waiting for the damn blue beast.

Oh well one more week ...could be worse I guess, I could have weak'nd and bought a KTM450 !!

6399 OTD but I did get $1,000 in accessories for 10% over cost.

There is one at East Side Garage in Belmont, NY, 2 hours south of Buffalo. go to Yamaha website get the phone #. Don't know the price

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