Retail price for a new WR450F

I paid 400 bucks over MSRP out the door($6800). Out the Door being Taxes,DMV Fees,freight and setup...everything. I thought that was a good deal.Nobody was able to match that deal here in So. Cal. The dealer pulled the Flywheel and Lapped and re-torqued while I waited.

I paid $6399.00 and loaded the bike. At least I didn't get stuck with that phoney set up and delivery B.S.


I got mine at MAX PITTS yamaha in Peru IN. They had 10 coming in I got the first one, $5800 plus tax. The other dealers in IND wouldn't come off the price at all and said that Pitts couldn't deliver on his promise. :) I have nothing but great things to say about this dealership. :D :D :D Everytime I had an issue they resolved it free of charge no questions asked. The latest that everyone may want to check is the engine case bolt that holds in the carb vent hose bracket just above the front sprocket. It vibrated out on the first ride. :D :D I don't know how that thing worked out and didn't throw the chain or snap the case. Got lucky :D But they sent the bolt and when I ordered a zipty fuel screw they through it in for free. Call and ask for Aarron he will cut you a sweet deal, and 20% off parts and access. 765-472-2423

My dealer was only getting in 2 for the whole year so I ended up paying 67 & change.I'm not complaining cuz I now own 1. :)

is that zip ty air screw realy that good????

Yes, it really is. It has numbers etched into the knurled handle at 1/4 increments and this helps you know exactly how far you've turned it. I would have preferred any other anondized color other than RED but it's tucked under far enough that you can't really see it. :)

is this a thumb screw type screw or do you still need a screw driver.

Check out the web sight below, If you have ever tried to adjust the fuel screw on the trail w/o taking off the carb you would pay double what they are asking :)

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