Engine Installation

Simple Question: Do you like to install the engine in the frame, and then the top end? OR... Do you like to install the top end on the bench, then the entire thing into the frame?

This is my first rebuild on this specific bike, so just wondered what experience thought was most effecient.

Also, is there anyway to "prime" the oil system? I oiled and lubed everything up pretty good on re-assembly, but want more lube for initial start up.

my vote is full asembly on the bench, that way you get no junk in the motor!!!!

I like building on the bench the best, but torquing the head and holding the engine can be challenging. Laying it on its side and using a bar in the rear hard point works well.

If you lubed everything well, filled the filter well when you closed it, and verified that both oil pumps move oil, you should not have to concern yourself with priming, per se. One thing that will help, though is to put about half the fill oil directly into the oil reservoir in fornt of the engine through the dipstick hole, if it is an '06+, or into the frame the same way if it's an '03-'05. This will give it a supply of feed oil immediately, instead of having to wait for it to be returned there from the sump. If it's an '02 or earlier, you don't have to worry about that.

I should have stated it is a 2000 426. Can I pour some (a measured amount) directly into the case before I put the top end on? Would it even be worth it?

426's fill directly into the oil tank anyway, so as I mentioned, it's not a concern. After a rebuild, the engine will require 1700cc of oil. Fill the oil filter well, and dump 200cc into the sump. When you are ready to start it, pour 1300cc into the frame and run it. You'll be a little short, but not by more than 200cc total.

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