No Toil where to buy ?

Well it seems to be pretty hard to find anything negative about No Toil so I think I'm going to try it.I've read that you should not use a filter previously oiled with something else so I guess I need a new filter too.Anyone know where I could get one of those cool maintenance kits that had the filter with it?


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I use that stuff all the time. it works really well. Ive seen the 'kit' where you get the oil and the cleaner with a coupon for a free filter. most shops around here carry the stuff (socal)

I didnt like the stuff. I ditched it after about 3 months of use.

The main problem I had with it was that it was seperating the glue on my Uni-Filter. Im not sure if this was just a problem with the Uni-Filters and the chemicals in No-Toil or if it affected other aftermarket filters as well.

But if you do a search on the subject you will see many people had this problem.

I got mine from Performance Cycle in Cambridge. They usually have everything in stock. It works great. You can clean your filter in the laundry tub without hearing from your wife about the smell and mess!

I used it for about a year, it will over time break down the foam. The foam seems to fall apart into little pieces. When i reoiled the filter you could see little pieces of foam on your hand, might make it's way into your carb! Went back to maxima!

I read on another post that the chemicals in No Toil will eat up non No Toil filters especially if it had been previously oiled but the No Toil brand filters stood up well.I was going to continue to use my stock filter and my Twin Air with regular oil and use a No Toil filter with their stuff.Kind of a back to back comparison.


Hmmm, you must use THEIR filter, with THEIR oil....hmm, sounds like a conspiracy! :)

Actually, I have heard the exact same thing from others too XC800.X.

I didnt like their filter though. It didnt seem to me like it would filter as well as the 2 stage aftermarket filters.

So I heaped it and I too went back to Maxxima Fab1.

I did like the washing machine thing but it wasnt worth buying a new Uni ever 2 months.

Ooops. Double post.

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