G2 Throttle

Just wondering, has anyone tried the G2 quick throttle on your YZ? If so, what did (didn't) you like about it?

No!... I made my own out of a piece of PVC pipe. It works great!

Called a 1/4 turn throttle mod. You turn the throttle a 1/4 of a turn and your wide open.

I bought the G2. I didn't notice much difference in the quicker response claim. I did notice how much smoother the throttle rolls compared to stock. Snaps back to closed throttle much better as well. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the responses. I read the thread on the home made one and thought about trying it. My concern was that a quick throttle would make the bike too snappy for anything but track use. Most of my riding is on trails, and I didn't want to have a hair trigger that would be hard to control. What I'm really trying to do here, is compensate for a wrist (and brace) that doesn't quite have the normal range of motion that it used to.

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