Rad Guards !!

i just put on my flatland racing rad guards for my wr450 today. they look great . bolted right on no probs.

item #12-21 if your interested.

I put a set on my 426 last week, bolted right up, and agree they look great. Good product, and from what I've read about them will do their job.

Flatland ROCKS!

You just can say enough about the quality, fit, and finish of everything Mike Shown makes. :)

And hes a heck of a nice guy too! And he has put on enduro events for the Black Jack Enduro Circuit in the past.

Eveyone should support the folks like him that are involved more.

Glad to hear they worked out for you! I have a general radiator guard question: How well do the radiator fins hold up with these kind of guards in place? It seems that the radiators would be protected from larger rocks but not smaller ones?

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