what Bars to buy for the WR450?

I am looking to replace my stock bars and I am hoping for some recomendations.I mostly ride woods trails with my young son but am hoping to ride in H.S or Endur.I also need a bar that I can mount a steering stabilizer to like the one scotts has out.Any suggestions would be greatly appeciated.


For woods riding alot of riders prefer a narrower bar. Many cut an inch off each end to improve clearance in the trees. I run Renthal YZ 80 bars. They are 2-3 inches narrower than stock but the distance is shortened in the crossbar area. They have plenty of room to fit all the stuff on the ends. Mirror, horn etc. and still room left. I think the Scotts stabilizer works best with Pro Taper bars, which means a new triple clamp. You can still get YZ 80 bars for the Pro Tapers. If you like a 28-29 inch bar width this is the way to go. Stock bars trimmed on the ends have no room to fit the stuff.

Hi foursmoke,

I hear ya! The stock bars bend from a strong breaze. I think the lasted all of 2 hours on my bike. One fall over and they bent. I went with the IMO best bars in the business and that is PRO TAPERS !!! Note I did say IMO.

I researched a lot on here and the majority of Protaper users convinced me they were good enough for me. I have since crashed several times and nothing has happened to the bars. Makes me wonder if my bike would bend before they would :)

I bought the Scott's package - protapers, triple clamp, damper for around $500.00 Click the banner up top and check it out. I am very happy.


tctrailrider , thanks for the heads-up on the minibike bars. I bought some Renthal YZ85 bars. They fit perfect. No hacksaw required :). With the extra room for controls, I didn't have to cut the end off my clutch lever to clear the handgaurd. Sweet. :D

Wish I would have known about it years ago. Thanks again. :D :D :D

Adam, glad you like them. One of the many useful things I have learned here at TT. Sure would like to know where the "Super Secret" trail in northern Mich. is, hint, hint.

Fryboy, I like the Pro Taper bars myself but what is IMO.Went out tonight and bought the Answer Pro Taper bars with the Doug Henry bend but my dealer neglected to tell me I couldn't use them with the stock clamp.He did however remember to tell me I needed to buy the universal mounting kit whitch I probably won't need with a new top clamp :D.Haven't put them on as a result.Can you recommend a good top triple clamp.I like the RG3's but do not know at this time if they make one to fit the 03 WR450F or one that will accept the larger Pro Taper bars.One more thing, if I want to change the lower clamp, will I need to get somebody to remove the steering stem from the old lower clamp and machine press it onto the new lower clamp? :D :D :)

03 WR450FR-grey wire mod.,Works connection alum. frame guards. no rejet yet. I only have the 160 main. Everyone is out jets :D


IMO = In my opinion

The only triple clamp I can recommend is the Scotts. I have heard TAG is good but can't suggest them.


Check out the GPR setup. They make a great tripple clamp and stearing stabilizer setup that you can run either there stab. or the scotts. You can also order it in several colors. While you are at it spend a couple extra bucks and get a bark buster mount for the tripple clamp. This will practically end the twisting of bark busters during crashes and give you more room to route cables.

I have the Rentahl fatbars (carmichael bend) with a BRP triple clamp, Scott's stabilizer.

Check out BRP at www.brpit.com

They are really nice guys and were really helpful. I don't think I will ever ride with a crossbar again. The pro taper bars seem to really open up the front of the bike. It's probably all visuals but I really like it.

So when is TT Shop going to offer Pro Taper bars, scott stabilisers etc ... :D a very captive audience here :)

You guys are GREAT! :D I have learned very quickly that if I need an answer to anything bike related that there is someone or everyone here that can help.Thanx again!!!!!

By the way, I went out and bought the Pro Taper bars and mounted them right away. :D I did mean on the bike :D I didn't get triple clamp or steering stabilizer yet for $$$$ reasons.Between the $$ for the new scoot and all the carbon fiber guards, the bars are fine for now.The new WR is starting to look very :):D :D :D :D :D

I agree on the Pro Tapers, I have had the same bars on my last three bikes!

Not sure if this is important, but it was for me. Renthal, LUSK Bend is nice for me because at 6'3" the reach down was a pain on the stock bars, but I bent the stock bars on my second ride. Timing is everything... :)

of all the bars mentioned(except for you guys looking for taller bars) is the bend close to stock? I want to replace weak stock bars but in the past I've bought bars at a shop that looked good but once on the bike felt wierd. How do you know if the steward/mcrath/ lusk bend will feel comfortable? I want stock bend- quality bar. Anybody know?

The mcgrath/stewart/lusk bend is the EXACT SAME BEND as the stock YZ bend (since 2000) << 966 bend >>. PLUS, ask your dealer to show you the Renthal catalog. They have all of the bars available as well as the dimensions for each bar. You can also easily check the bar dimensions (to compare different bends)on the Renthal website. www.renthalamerica.com

click on the handlebar picture and go from there.

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