09 Wr450

I picked up an 09WR450, I Just now got it ready to ride. I had an 04 but I sucked water into th motor and killed it.:banghead: What a chor it was to do all the mods on the 09, ais kit, rejet the carb, gut the air box, grey wire, etc. I took the whole bike apart greased all the rear suspension bearings and stuff with good grease.(lessons I learn from not takeing my 04 apart:bonk: ) But I am finally done and ready to ride:thumbsup: The only thing I dont like about the bike is the pipe. I bought the PMB insert for it and I could barly get it started. When I did it ran like it was very pluged up and did not have half the power as my 04. I took the PMB insert out and tried starting it with no baffle in it. Fired right up on the first kick. it's still a little plugged up because of the small internal baffles that can't be removed, but it runs ok:thumbsup: . I think back in 2005 when yamaha came out with the new aluminum mufflers vs the stainless steel 03-04 pipes they went all all out to please the EPA and not for performance:banghead: . The stock pipe on the 04 WR you could take the baffle out and it was wide open. I ended up replacing my 04 pipe because it was to loud:busted: , but at least it worked:thumbsup: . I had a yosh TRC 96db pipe that I was very happy with, so I ordered A yosh 96db RS-2 pipe for the 09. That should take care of the problem:thumbsup: . I just thought I would share that with every body, let me know your thoughts happy trails:ride:

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