xr600 dual sport kit

I am looking for a dual sport kit for an xr600, where is the cheapest place and what brand is favored.

I do not know about the cheapest but Baja Designs seems to be very popular and the staff is very knowledgeable about 600's. They did my kit many years ago and I had no major troubles other than breaking the rear blinkers, dead battery for emergency lights (failed after several years), and bad horn (it was mounted were the front tire threw crud on it). Check their web site.

I did the Baja Designs kit on my 600 and it worked out great. For my 650 I'm doing my own because I'm broke and I have extra parts. I did just buy a battery and regulator from BD yesterday. I'm running the UFO head light and tail Light assembly with the blinkers built in. The same one's used on the E-Line kit.

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