Such thing as cheap shipping?

I've been calling all over to see about shipping a bike from New York to Denver and another from Illinois to Denver. The cheapest I've found is $600. Does anyone know a reasonable shipper? Buying online or on this site just isn't such a good deal when you throw in the shipping costs, which sucks.

I saw on e-bay that forward air will ship anywhere in the US for $199.00. look at ebay under wr450 theres a link for it.

I looked and didn't see anything. Maybe it was a flash ad at the top that's gone now? I'll check directly with forward air.

here is a link to that post shipping

Try living down under ...

I want to order a scotts stabiliser kit, but the cost for shipping alone is $125 USD for what !!! :)

Turn that into NZD and its $250. I can by a triple clamp here for that price argggggggggggggggg

I cant find anyone here who sells them, even in Australia.

Any Kiwi's/Aussi's out there who know of a cheaper way to get one I would appreciate it ..


I bought the Scotts Triple Clamp and some other bits and bobs from the US, diect from Scotts... I think the shipping was like US$35 or 40... Ask them to use the USPS... not just UPS or FedEX... If you are after the sterring dampener, then look at getting one from Ohlins... it is identical, except for the name on it. you should be able to get the Ohlins one locally... The Ohlins distributor also sell some mounts and handlebar adaptors... I bought one locally, then got the scotts triple clamp and some other stuff from the US... I was only able to get the weld-on post locally, so I got the screw on one from Scotts as well, and the link arm puller...

If you speak to Scotts, ask then to use the Global EMS Envelopes and boxes... you get it within a week, 3 lbs's for US$9... even if they send it in two packages to keep the weight down... if you are getting multiple items...

If you want further info, (or even an alternative to the Scotts/Ohlins - made in Australia...), then just shoot me a PM... I have bought a heap of stuff from the US and always got good shipping rates and delivery times... from Shoei helmets to Snap-On airtools... both privately or through ebay...



Forward air is the cheapest I have found . I have shipped several dirtbikes and ATVs . They have several options including there own crates . The cheapest way is crate it yourself with a crate from your local bike shop . Check the website to confirm a price . They even have online tracking .


Thanks for your help. Once the Blue beast is safely tucked into bed I might send you a PM on some advice to get the SS.

I have looked at the MSC one, but for all the functionality aside, the Scotts one just looks way cooler and at around $850 NZD for just the damper I didnt think was as good a value as the Scotts complete system with Triple Clamp, Steering Stabiliser and ProTaper bars is $599 or around $1100 NZD

Cheers Dean

I'm assuming you won these bikes on e-bay?

that shipping quote is a really high amount... you do have to research and ask questios before you bid...the other thing you need to keep in mind is that ebay is not the only source for soon as you go through all that hassle you will see 3 for sale locally that are $500.00 cheaper and newer, without the shipping hassles.... unless your a rich collector... or just plain stupid, always bid on a bike you can try out first other words try it before you buy it and don't throw good money away on shipping.

thousands of jap bikes are sold in colorado every year.i bet there is one near me on that one...


If you are buying the whole kit, including the bars, then that is what is going to make the thing expensive to ship... the bars are light and volumetrically small. but an awkward shape... get the kit without the bars and you will see the price for shipping come down... you can get ProTapers anywhere... I know you save some money with the kit, but you WILL be paying a heap more to ship the bars... It is not worth even trying...

Apart from the bars, everything else in the kit would fit in much smaller packages and be easier and cheaper to ship...



Jagoff. You don't think I've been looking locally? You really think I'm stupid? You assume I've bid on one of these without having all my bases covered, i.e. shipping costs? I'm exploring options here. I don't need someone to tell me it's steep when it's glaringly obvious. Why in the hell do you think I'm asking around?

There hasn't been a WR for sale around here in the newspaper (I check every day) or the cycle trader for over a month. Unless you count a thrashed 98 for $3150 or an overpriced stock 99 that I had plans to go see and then the guy calls me back the day of, saying he changed his mind. Bikes get trashed riding on nothing but rocks out here, much unlike the soft east coast dirt you ride on. With that said, I'd rather buy from someone who dumps their bike on dirt, not rocks. Colorado is a busy riding state, so bikes go for top dollar (if you've been here, you know that nothing's cheap in this state except thrills). This is probably why I got zero bites on my XR I put up on this site, when there have been several come and go in the paper for more.

Why do you think I go back home to Indiana to buy 4x4's? Cuz they're about 15% cheaper as well. Sorry for the flames, but if you want blow some heat, go somewhere else. I'm just looking for info, not opinions. Everyone has been nothing but nice and helpful since I've been posting on this site, then some jag calls me stupid.

I've seen, but never personally experienced the arrogance that occasionally stinks up this forum. I'm probably going to regret this tomorrow, but I can't let some pompous a#* insult me. Oh yeah, I'm not rich either. That's why I patiently wait for a deal to come along.

the quote was -

unless your a rich collector... or just plain stupid, always bid on a bike you can try out first.

did I say that you were stupid...

i just gave you my opinion from past experience.i have bought 4 bikes on e-bay and sold 8. so I MIGHT know a little about this stuff..

I did forget to mention that you could go to an MX race and find some nice deals on used machinery.

Jagoff?!! hmmmm. thats a good one. the altitude in CO must effect your judgement..or maybe you hit the rocks a little too hard. or maybe you need to take your head out of your azz and take a deep breath.......jagoff.


OK Thanks for your help David, didnt think of that ...... :)

Don't forget about the small states like Montana, ND and South Dakota. The dealers get good alotments on bikes. They are happy to ship and the bike never goes out of the crate. lots of dealers in these states will trade bikes to CA or CO for snowmobiles/quads. There are RC51, Hayabusas, and a V-Max sitting here in Great Falls next to a WR250F for sale at MSRP and the dealers are honest because if a buyer gets hosed they have a deer rifle in the truck to even the score. If you are looking for the "hot bike" that is sold out it may be in a small state dealers showroom.

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