2004 YZ 450 idle problem

bought bike used, not ridden much, could not get to idle, idles ok sometimes, then sometimes revs higher, like on a fast idle. bike backfires too. And when riding if i press the clutch the engine turns off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Interesting...... Pulling in the clutch kills the motor that wants to idle high.

First I would check the idle circuit and verify that the pilot jet is not partially clogged. It may also be too small and starving for fuel.

Report back what you find with the pilot and we can go from there.

Thanx for the post. I cleaned the carb today and still the same. I will order new pilot jet tomorrow. What do you think about getting the JD Jetting kit? Will it help me? And sorry for my bad english :banghead:

Before you buy the jet kit, check the valve clearances.

I think that the valve clearances aro ok couse I changed the valves two months ago because they got damaged for some reason. I could not find any jets around so now I will have to wait a week or two :banghead:

And the bike had the same problems before the change of the valves. And the thing is there is no good mechanic around to fix my bike :banghead:

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