03 head studs

I need to know the torque specs of the 2003 crf450 head studs. I can't find them in my Clymers manual. Thanks, Mitch.

Do you mean the head nuts? If so it's 43ft pounds. Make sure you lubricate the threads, or you could end up with a false torque. Also don't torque one nut all at once. Tighten them slowly and evenly in a criss cross pattern.

No I mean head studs. I recently replaced the case and I need to know what to torque the head studs to into the case. Thanks, Mitch.

I've replaced one once, but I used a pair of stud pliers and hand tighened it and used locktite.

I've got the '02-'04 Honda Service Manual. No torque spec is given for the studs (at least that I could find). Just the value of 43 ft-lbs for the head nuts that go onto those studs.

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