need help, 400f motor and 450f motor compatibility

hey, i recently threw the rod in my 98 400f, was going to rebuild but then i found a 450f motor for cheep, i was wondering if the 450 motor would bolt into my 400f frame? the motor is out of a 04 yzf450 would appricate any help asap. thanks

It may fit fairly well, although you'll probably need custom inserts made for the rear hard point to match the 400 swing arm.

But why not just buy a used '04 for $2k or less and save the hassle (to say nothing of newer, lighter, etc.,)?

would love to get a newer bike but i am only in highschool and have a tight budget, and i am also in process of building a cr500 trx250r hybrid so money is an issue, making inserts or modifying the frame is not a problem, many hours of using a mig and tig welder, thanks alot grey for the imput, looking foreward to getting the bike back together, been riding a rm125 in desperation

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