New XR650R! I need tips for D/S setup

I just picked up a 2000 XR650R with just 3 miles on it and want to set it up for Dual Sport. It came with a PC T4 silencer (or should I say amplifier?), but the stock muffler is on it now. It is completely stock. I have read posts that make reference to "drilling the exhaust tip" and "uncorking". I need some details please.

see and click on the link on the left that says "Making the XR650R run right" for uncorking info.

That's the best site the other guy gave you for uncorking it. Just make sure that you do ALL of the changes that are mentioned. You can't just do one or two of them and expect a big change, because it won't happen. If you don't want to spend the extra money of buying each component individually, check out bajadesigns, they have the hop up kit which will include a new jet needle, 175 main jet, intake boot, and good instructions. Set the jet needle to 3rd position.. !! not 4th ! (if you buy the kit which will include a competition jet needle). As far as drilling the muffler tip, forget it! There's too much performance loss.. Buy the 40mm competition tip! If you do it right, you can expect your bike to be "crazy fast"! IT's great! If you want even more power, and a much improved spread of power to the top end, then get a good aftermarket complete exhaust system after you do the standard uncorking procedures. I did this, and it greatly improved upper mid range and top end, without much loss on the low end (I can still easily loft the front end right off idle). Well good luck to you!

This is what I've done to my 00 xr650r, converted to a dual sport in IL.

Baja Designs kit, Pirelli MT 21 tires DOT aproved, MSR plastic mirror, speedodometer/odometer from Honda XL175 ?year, made my own mounting braket, tall/soft seat foam and seat cover from Baja Designs.

Other stuff, SRC handguards,SRC rediator cap,SRC magneto vent, White Brothers E-series exhaust with quiet core.

Depends really on what state you're in. Some states require all the bells and whistles and other just want a brake light and license plate. Check on line at your state's DMV site for required items. Most kits run $400+ but if your lucky to live in some state like Utah, you could piece a kit together for under $200. I've gotten alot of stuff from Andy at 4-strokes Only. here He's got good prices and is pretty friendly over the phone. Once he sent me the wrong part. After a phone call I got the correct part and a pre-paid Fed Ex box to send the other part back.

Right now I got a Frankenstien kit from about 4 different sources.

I did the uncorking drill including drilling out the baffle as directed. Some say the competition baffle is too loud. I found the drilled-out baffle a bit loud. So, I stopped at the grocery and bought four stainless-steel scrubbers, and put a couple in. Four were too many, two seemed about right. I used the stock needle and moved it to the 4th position, seems a bit rich so I will go back to 3rd.

Thanks for the tip on the T-4... Have fun!

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