Gas Mileage on an XR650R

Hello all! New to this site and New to the XR Scene. I just picked up my new XR650R last Monday and already performed the Power up kit. I've also bought the Street Kit so I'm looking forward to some fun with this guy. Anyhow, what is the Gas Mileage should I get out of a Tank? Normal riding ok, 100-120 Miles maybe? It's only got 12 as of now. Thanks for your response.

HI! Welcome to the XR scene! I've had my '00 XR650R for about a year now, got it used in great shape. Anyway, with the stock fuel tank, and with the power-up kit installed, you can expect about 50 miles per tank, which is anywhere from 19-21mpg.. pretty terrible, but you'll get used to it!

To me, the incredible power output is worth it. You can get larger tanks, but I think they look kind of odd, and opted to keep the stock tank, since, believe me, the XR650R is not very comfy for really long street rides. Keep in mind this is the mileage I get WITH THE POWER-UP KIT INSTALLED. I don't know what it gets stock, since it already had the kit when I bought it.

Thanks a lot. Man Ohh Man!! 19-21 MPG? And maybe 50 miles before having to find the next gas station? I was expecting like 40 MPG at least!! OHHH Crraaap. Damnnnnnn. I'm going to return it!!! JK!! I don't know about the bigger tanks either and just like you, I installed the power up kit immediately. It had like 1.3 miles when I was installing and yanking all that epa crap. Anyhow, I think it's gonna be a lot of fun with this XR. It's plenty fast for sure and the suspension is sooo smooooth not like my 954 that Jars the crap out of my brains on the local freeway. :-)

Though I have never sat down and calculated the mileage, just from estimating I would say 19-21 mpg would occur when the bike is ridden wide open most of the time. If you are dual sporting you could expect at least 28 mpg. I have 2 tanks, stock for local rides and the IMS 4.6 for mexico.

In 3 years of owning my xr650r I have had a range of

44mpg ( 90 mph on road ) to 69 mpg ( gentle trailriding

due to fuel strikes, 15/41 gearing ). Although these are

for imperial gallons, I think that to get around 21 mp

'merican gallon I would need to ride the freeway flat out

in second gear.

cheers, Craig

Get yourself a Clarke 4.3 gallon tank. Fits like a oem tank. Looks like an oem tank. You can get 100-120 miles on it. :)

Thanks for sharing the information fellas!!! So now we know that we have a Wild Texan riding balls out all the time :) Just playing smash :D

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