Surging after new clutch plates

2008 YZ450F...ran fine before change without issues...just changed them as preventative maintenance. Use OEM stuff only. Basket has the usual grooves. All metal plates placed wit sharp edge down. Now bike surges while in gear and wont go into neutral while running...obviously not disengaging. Adjusted completely without success...any ideas? I am guessing the thicker, new plates are not fitting in the basket the same and are not completely disengaging. Thanks for the input.

i'ts sounds like your missing a plate or fiction ring

I am not missing any plates. I know that for sure. But thanks for the input.

I am guessing the thicker, new plates are not fitting in the basket the same and are not completely disengaging. Thanks for the input.
If the notching is significant, you're probably right. Also, don't overlook the possibility of this same condition occurring with the boss (hub) also. Fortunately, the OEM clutch bosses are fairly inexpensive. If the cushioning unit in your primary driven gear is in good shape, the aftemarket baskets are both less expensive and more durable than the OEM assembly.

We had a 250F with a drag condition both before and after new plates. The Hinson basket cleared it up.

Sharp edges supposed to be up or down??? I think i put mine up, and I am having wierd freeplay issues; I get lots of play when riding, then it goes away after cooling off? Any ideas what is causing this? OEM plates btw.

Thats usually caused by the stack being too high, i had the same problem when i first got my yzf, i found when she was warm she would surge forward a little when i revved her with the clutch in and half the time i would have to kill the engine to put her in neutral. So i had a look and found my stack height was over. Check in your manual for min/max heights, whip out your plates and measure them bearing in mind even a very small amount will cause drag. Also check your spring free length and maybe use heavier duty springs. Failing that check for excessive scoring of your basket, inner hub and pressure plate. i would be supprised if its none of these things.

i hope this helps.

Thanks for the was the outer basket groves that was causing the problem.

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