Exhaust pipe; heat wrap???


I just bought a 2001 yz 426f. It has a White Bros. E exhaust on it. Is this the stock exhaust?

Also the exhaust pipe from about 4 in. from engine all the way to muffler is wrapped in header tape or heat wrap or whatever you call it. It looks like woven fiberglass tape about 3in. wide. Is this normal? I am third owner and the guy I got it from said it was there when he got it about 3 months ago,(he said the bike was too much for him and he is staying with 4-wheelers).

No, it's not the stock exhaust, and no, heat wrap isn't normal, either. The only legitimate reason to use it is to prevent getting your leg burned on the pipe. Some people have a problem with that. There is no other benefit to the motorcycle in terms of performance or operation in any way whatsoever.

Your name being Shovelhead, you should know all about heat wrap.

Your name being Shovelhead, you should know all about heat wrap.

Yea, I've used it on some drag pipes in the past to keep the heat away from my leg. I just have never seen it on a dirtbike. Of course I've never had a 4 stroke dirtbike. I didn't know if maybe they put off more heat than a 2 stroke or something. Course I don't want to touch a hot 2 stroke pipe either.

Is this exhaust pretty easy to repack with new packing? I don't know if it will help or not but I need to try to get the noise down a little.

Also, between the end cap and muffler, there are spacers or disks. I think about 8 or so. What do these do? Are they for performance tuning or just sound?

Sorry for the rookie questions but the only thing I've wrenched on for 15 years is a few old harleys. So this dirtbike thing is all new.

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