cheng shin C761 140/80x18

anybody ever forced one of these on to their bikes. Does it fit ok or is there trouble. thanks guys.


I have the same size tire on my 01 wr426 but it's a Michelin. This is my second one and I really like it. It was put on by a bike shop. If you wanted to you could do it yourself but it would be tough. Tube pinching during installation could occur.

Sorry make that Pirelli!!

My cousin tried to put a Ching Shi* on his bike and he struggled and struggled with putting it on.

He has plenty of tire changing expierence so I didnt think that he didnt know what he was doing but he moaned about that tire forever.

Plus it spit off knobs like Jethro does teeth.

yea you all must get really crappy tires cause i have never had a problem with them

but then with all my expencive tires like IRC and Michelin they don't last quite as long as the cheng shi t as you choose to call them. Plus for the price you cant beat it. As far as mounting that goes i will let somone else do it. I just want to know if it will fit inside the swing arm.

thanks guys.

Damn....Lewis I can almost picture you at the back door of the service department near the tire machine waiting for the old skins to roll out the door and onto the freebe pile.....

You Crack me up......

Bonzai :)

I need one of those $10 tire deals right now.

I think I would win the baldest tire contest hands down right now.


Wow! A 140? Thats wide! If I was a betting man I would say no it probably wont but then again Ive never tried a 140 so I dont know for sure.

Good luck.

[ August 27, 2002, 01:49 PM: Message edited by: MOmilkman ]

Darin....I don't want to call you this but once again you have forced me....LOOSER!

I have been running a Michelin 140/80/18 for months.....It Kicks A$$ and still has lots of room to move around....

I suspect you could get away with a 150 or a 160 if someone made one that wide.

I'll Post a photo of mine tonight....

See YA.

Bonzai :)

I run a michellin 140/80-18, but it really is only a 120 on the dunlop scale

Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:

Darin....I don't want to call you this but once again you have forced me....LOOSER!

Bonzai :D

And this from a guy that hangs out at the local mall to buy his riding gear! :):D LOL

In the glory days of Yamaha (late 70's / early 80's), Metzler offered a 150/80x18 and Terraflex offered this thing that had GIANT knobs. The open bikes typically ran them. Nowadays, a 250 2 stroke has more HP than the old open bikes.

I am quite sure, as our local, suicidal Japanese pilot :D already has stated, the 140 will fit.

Hey Bill!! :)

how did you guess

i have definitly done that before. Especially all those guys that only have one race on their tires and getting a 80 dollar tire for 10 bucks. I am a smart shopper. I crack me up sometimes to.


OUCH.....Medic! :D

Bonzai :)

Yes it will fit, It goes on like any other rear tire. If i remember right, getting it back off was rough. A local dealer talked me into trying it out and it was good for about 2 rides then rounded quickly. I'll stick to the better tires in the future. I'm mainly in ledge rock and other rock so you may have better luck.

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