ASV Levers & Stock Dust Cover

I just installed an ASV brake and clutch lever....hopefully I won't have to replace these after every fall :banghead:

The instructions say that the stock dust covers can be used. But, if I leave that little dirt deflector on that the ASV's come with, the stock covers don't come close to being able to fit. Plus they look better without them.

Those of you that have ASV levers, do you use the stock covers, or did you just pitch them? Are the stock dust covers even necessary?

I use ASV's on both of mine. I used the lever only on the brake side, of course, and there, I used the YZ dust boots. On my own bike, I used the full lever/perch/hot start assembly and used the ASV dust boot. On my son's bike, I used the ASV lever in the stock perch with the OEM boot.

I haven't replaced any part of any of these levers in over 3 years of use, either, BTW.

I have both levers for mine the front brake and clutch. They are the F3's with a three year guarentine not to break.

The clutch lever when I bought it came with the universial perch. How ever after installing it I found also the dust cover wouldnt go on all the way but would cover the cable.

The stock dust cover has two ears on the end that went on the inside the perch but I couldnt get them to go in the ASV universial perch but it would at least stay on.

I recently have the stock perch and clutch lever on now cause the spring broke on the ASV lever and the bolt that holds the lever on the perch is stripped at about half way up.

When I called ASV that I needed these items they said no problem we will get them out to you.

I love my ASV's. stock covers are in the trash.

I run a C/5 clutch lever/perch/hot start on my 03 YZ450 and it's the best lever I've ever used. The dust cover really helps to keep everything working smoothly. I have however searched high and low for a replacement bearing for the hole on the inner-end of the lever that lines up with the bolt hole on the perch. Kind of tough to explain. I asked ASV about it and they directed me to order a rebuild kit, but it just included a new spring and plastic sleeve/bearings for the perch, not the actual lever.

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