release air in forks?

I have heard you can let air out of your forks that build up during a ride, an earlier bike RM would allow this through a bleed screw on top of the fork cap, does the 99 WR have a way to do this I could not find it mentioned in the manual?

thanks for any help

On the yz there is a flat head screw on top of each fork. Just take all of the pressure off of the forks and crack those bleeder screws. You will extend the life of your seals that way.

you can also buy bleader screw kits for your forks. Rockymountain sells them. they are pretty inexpensive.

White Brothers makes them.

I have them in my fork caps, although I had to have my machinist buddy drill and tap the holes before they would screw in.

I think they make them now so they just screw in and you dont have to drill/tap.

Make sure your forks are extended off the ground. Put the bike on a stand and unscrew the bleed screws. You'll here a small hiss and then screw them back on. This should be done before every ride.


I snapped some quick pics in case you want to see what they look like installed.



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