Leaking Tank

I'm pretty sure i saw this thread but i can't seem to find it.

If anybody can post the link to me or help me out,

i'll appreciate it.

I have a leaking '98 WR400 tank.

It seems to leak near the petcock area.

I have heard that there is a method called plastic weld?

Am i mistaken?

I have tried to use all purpose epoxy but eventually, the petrol eats through it.

I even had the area sealed with silicon and followed that with more epoxy but it still failed after a few days.

I have moved to using a YZ tank but i need more range i guess so i may need the tank again.

How can i save it?

Or is there another ugly large(IMS) tank that was saved that needs a new home?



You can weld the tank up, but it may pay to get a professional to do it, rather than learning on that one... Look in the phone book, often they work with smash repair places to weld bumpers and dashboards back together...



Thanks for the tip.

I'll have to try that.


Ive had a leaking tank. Ive tryed everthing except a plastic welding outfit. I was pressed for time and desperate awhile back, so I used a soldering iron and small strips of matching plastic from an old fender as a feed. This leak was around the petcock also. I melted the crack slightly while feeding the plastic. I put two coats on and even sanded it. It worked very well. I think the trick is to make sure the fabricating area is melted togther, if that makes sense. Nothing adheres to a plastic gas tank and prevents leaking. This is still holding up well. I have tryed J B weld, plastic epoxies, superglue, Napa's plastic gas tank leak fix, duct tape and chewing gum with a little spit. Try the soldering iron before dropping some big bucks on a new tank. Just make sure the tank is dry dry dry. Working around that petcock hole is a perfect fuse area for a gas tank cannon...he he he

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