New WR450F Breakin

Fellow Thump Heads,

I just picked it up and with the weather finnally getting ready to cooperate, I am going to put some stick time in. Had the dealer check on the rotor nut, yes it was lose according to the green mechanic. Engine# 1377

But first:

I was curious as to how many of you followed the 1 hour breakin procedure described in the manual. And if you did, who pulled the breakin maintenance after that 1 hour? And who thinks it is nessary to replace the front fork oil after 1 hour?

I thought somebody would have chimed in by now!

I broke in my 450 by letting it warm up good (5-7 minutes of idling) then some nice easy trail riding for about 20 minutes. Let it cool down for 20 minutes. I did this procedure twice. After that, I rode it like I stole it! I changed the oil after getting about 20 miles on it.

I know the manual says to change the fork oil after break-in but I waited a while before I changing mine out ('cause I was too busy riding.) :)

I ride around the block for a few minutes and change the oil and filter. I check spokes and fasteners then I go ride.

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