artifact on hixon trail, near hemet ca

:banghead: :banghead: hi, can anyone tell me the story of the abandoned trike/motorcycle on hixon trail? near hemet ca in bautista canyon ,anyone who has done the hixon loop has seen it,near the rocky hillclimb , its been there for years ,I saw it two weeks ago riding the loop an my arctic cat 4x4atv, also I would like to find someone local [hemet region] to ride with on weekends

isnt hemet in riverside county where off roading is illegal?Im not real famaliar with that area and did not know ther was still some riding in that area.

whats a hemet?

We're not supposed to talk about the H.x.n trail on this board. Search is your friend.

there are at least two main atv riding areas local in hemet, hixon trail and bee canyon rd, bee canyon has a few more attached trails connected to it. both these trails/roads have the designated ohv sign showing what types or ohv's are permitted ,hixon is motorcycle ride on atv no sideXside's or jeeps, bee canyon road is open to all vehicles, both are subject to closures due to fire/snow, there is a map of all the local trails but I don't know where to find one, I can download a html file but I have not been able to open the file successfully

Now were gona have to Kill ya SHHHHH

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