03 WR450 Crank

I have been working on a complete rebuild of an 03 wr450 bottom and top, valves broke blew cylinder apart and bent rod a big mess. Well I'm so close to having all parts I need to rebuild except crankshaft, mains and actually both sides of crank look really good just really need a rod, pin and rod bearing was wondering if an 04 wr450/yz450 rod would work in my 03, I've researched it and I believe the complete crankshaft assembly out of the YZ450 will NOT work because stator side on wr is longer, also I've heard that in 04 yamaha went with a bigger diameter crank (not sure on that tho). So I was hoping that someone with more experience could tell me if just the rod out of the 04 would work and if it does have bigger diameter the rod would still work. Thanks ahead of time for anyone taking their time to read this.

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