OT payback

i have this neighbor who lives 2 doors down who is a nightmare....we have 2 boys who love to ride bikes in our little cul de sac. we had a construction site across the street with a small dirt mound. my 4 yr old used the bump as his "cool jump", he would run over that thing 500 times a day... my neighbor called the cops on him and said he was trespassing...then got the builder to rip it out and put up no tes signs...i confronted her and her husband she cussed out my wife in front of my kids and he was no better....so... we avoid each other.no skin off my nuts.

next chapter... i go and built a small wooden tapletop ramp for him and put it on the sidewalk in front of my driveway. she tried to get the town to remove it saying it was scrap refuse that needed hauling away.

chapter three- i had a buddy wth a loader clean my drivway and there is this huge pile of snow on the sidewalk next to my driveway... she calls the town and reports me for obstructing the sidewalk. i have to remove the snow or i get a 50.00 per day fine.

chapter 4- the ramp is on the sidewalk .in front of my driveway...she calls the town again and they want to fine me if it is not removed.

the million dollar question

who do i go about payback without getting arrested?or going to court...they have went to far...i'm fuming.

i thought about running my yz every night while they eat dinner...in the driveway. aimed at their house...

any suggestions?


Sounds like a job for Tony Soprano!

(Sorry couldn't resist - just the North Jersey in me)

Seriously though Chris…

The problem is that it sounds like what you are doing is “technically” illegal. That’s not to say that your intentions are bad, any level headed person would see that you’re just looking for your kids to have some fun.

I would look for alternative places for your kids to ride. This neighbor obviously has a bug up his ass and probably won’t give up. I have a neighbor that relentlessly harassed me every time my sprinklers would get the slightest drops of water in his driveway. It used to infuriate me. In the end it was just easier to make sure my sprinkler heads were all adjusted. He and I have a really good relationship other than that issue and it just wasn’t worth screwing that up.

In the long run you’re better off not having enemies in the neighborhood. I would try to talk to them again.

Take the high road.

Good Luck,


find out what the times are are for the noise ordinence.my neighbor sucks too so i "jet" my drz in my yard from 6pm till 9pm when he is pissing me off!

you can make noise till 9pm here.he has called the police a bunch of times about it.i just sit on my bike talking to the cop and say "what,i cant hear you.this is kinda loud!"

i show them my watch and they leave.

we are in the process of buying another house just for this

reason.the guy next door has a sh@t hole for a yard and house,but he has the nuts to call the police one time while my bike is the garage idleing with the door down.

All good advice from TJames.

If none of that works stick a bananna in their tailpipe. :)


if your neighborhood has covenants anything like mine, you have to be careful about what you think is even technically fine. Like jetting your bike, noise is fine during proper times (but not others), I'm not even supposed to leave my garage door open for any length of time. I'm constantly getting warned about my trash can being visible the day after trash pickup, etc (for those of you in Denver, yes it's Highlands Ranch)...

I like Darrin's idea about the banana in the tailpipe... I hear it's very popular in Beverly Hills...

You could jack his car up and place a block under his axle so his tires are about 1/2" off the ground... WHen he tries to leave (hee hee)...

Ok, that's stupid, but it was fun 10 years ago when I was in high school...

Starttman, is Junior's bike a bicycle or an loud minicycle.

There is always a killjoy like that in every neighborhood. I wouldn't take it to seriously if no one else in the neighborhood complains about your kids.

If your wife can handle a foul-mouthed welder I'm sure she can handle the neighbors.

If you need any tips on how to aggrevate someone I'll be more than happy to help. I am the most obnoxious person on the planet.

some times a man has too do what a man has too do. back inhigh school these too girls i was really good friness with lived in really nice neibor hood. we would drink beers on the weekends out in front of her house. one time ( was not there for this one) we left some beer bottles out side. the neibor who lived a few doors down was an old prick and hated kids. he came to the door and statared yelling atthe youngest of the kids,(she was 16 at the time i think). called them horrible kids and that he wanted them arrested. her fatehr noticed her crying so he went out there and laid down the law. puyt the neibor ageaced the wall and beat the sh1t out of him for a few min. told him if her ever saw him disrespect his girlas and make them cry agaian he would rip off his heat and Sh!t down his neck. we never had any problems with him again. some times a man to man A$$ kicking is the only way. and since he cussed you out infront of your children, i think its time


Damn Parx!!!! What's wrong man? That can't be your writing? Are you on pain meds? That crap was almost unreadable !!! :)

Hope you are ok man


opps, i was half asleep when i wrote that. i will correct it later, off too class now.


I think you might want to take some english classes.

I have never seen such abuse of the english language in my life.

LOL Beezer,

Trust me, I have seen worse on here. But that was damn close !!!!


i thought about running my yz every night while they eat dinner...in the driveway. aimed at their house...

Sounds like a fair idea, it's about as anoying as you could get, all the while being passive.

I hate people like that!

Keep us posted...

Dodger :):D

Man, you guys disappoint me...

You have their name, address, phone number and an internet connection, right?

Sign them up for every pain-in-the-ass, door-to-door, telemarketing, house refinancing,

free health club membership, vacuum cleaner sales, bowflex sales, 3AM weight loss faxes,

used car sales, etc.

Know what a "bingo" card in a magazine is and how they work?


Merf, I bought a book called "How to Get Even" which had many good suggestions.

My favorite was crazy glue in car door locks.

That's a great book, beezer. It guarantees you a place on the FBI's "subversives" list! :D I got one, too.

startman: It was long ago, but I had a serious score to settle: I called the local towing company and gave them my enemy's name and address, pretending I was him. Said my pickup (described it) was dead in my driveway and would they tow it to such-and-such repair shop. I did it on a Friday when I knew he was at work and had taken his other car... It was too easy! :)

Does your upstanding neighbor ever stop at the pub for a beer after work? An anonymous call to the cops about a "close call with a drunk driver" when he leaves usually gets attention... Just a plate number and vehicle description is enough. With all the caller ID stuff, it might be best to have a friend call if you want to remain discreet. Who knows? Maybe he really is... It is a humiliating hassle at any rate.

A buddy had a load of manure dumped on someones driveway.

I had a neighbor like yours. My girlfriend and I got married and we moved into her house and sold mine. She was having problems with these people for a while because we had decided to re-landscape the yard and tear out old plants and trees that were growing into the foundation.

They had some mail that came to her house and I took it over to their place and told them it came to my house by mistake. They were all happy since it was something they were waiting for and when they asked where I lived, I told them I was moving in right across the street and to quit screwing with my soon to be wife.

We got married, I moved in with my dog which the guy hated and this dog really hated this clown. I'd go to work and he'd yell at my wife about the dog. I'd get home go talk to him and he wouldn't come outside, &%$#@!. I wanted to kick his a$$ soooo bad.

Finally, I decided the way to get this guy was to figure out what was legal and what wasn't. He had a bunch of old crappy cars and would leave for days. I'd call the city and he'd get $50 tickets for parking too long in the street. I also told him that if he didn't stop this crap I was going to get a restraining order against him. My next step was to report the additions to the house he did without permits and thought about slowly killing his trees with a salt water solution (I'm not recommending the last one).

His wife finally got upset enough because of

the tickets to call a place in town that does mediation and asked if we'd go. I said sure, you're married to the &%$#@!, not me and I'd like this crap to stop.

I went down to the police station and got all of his police records and arrest info. I found out he was harrassing people for over 20 years. Went to the mediation and as we are talking, I pulled out my copy and one for them of all the crap this guy was doing to people. It was hilarious and his wife was in shock as they were only married about 3 years at the time.

Anyway, that was enough info for her to put a leash on the guy and we finally worked stuff out and he left us alone.

I'd start looking at the things they are doing and reporting them.

1. Car in the street too long

2. Expired registration

3. Restraining order. It looks real bad on a back ground check when someone goes to get a job when there is information like that for a potential employer to read.

4. Annoy them with your bike as suggested above. I did that with my CBR900RR with a full race exhaust. 10,000 rpm at 7:00 am really annoys a guy who drinks a lot and sleeps late.

5. Find out what really annoys them and check to see if it's legal for you to do. If it is, do that as much as you can.

I'd also get your kids one of the plastic ramps from Toys R Us for skate boarders and keep the receipt. Push all that snow into the street.


I had a similar situation in my neighborhood. I live in a golf coarse community with about 15 other homes. I wanted to build a little track for my son and his PW80. I checked with the neighbors on both sides of me and they thought it would be great. I put in a few jumps, tabletop, berms, and some whoops. I seeded the sides of the jumps so it would look nice from the street. The woman down the street got a little huffy about the jumps and noise. I told her I was well within my rights to landscape my lawn any way I wanted, and the bike makes less noise than the tractor. I then did the politically correct thing and invited all the neighborhood kids to enjoy the new 'Neighborhood BMX track" .I now have kids racing almost everyday in my yard, including HER grandchildren. That shut her up. The kids wet the track prior to riding and keep it groomed. This keeps them off the street and out of trouble.

I think if you make good for the rest of the community, the mad neighbor will follow, otherwise, NUKE EM.. :)

True story from Davenport, IA @ 13 years ago:

A cement truck driver suspected his wife was fooling around. He drove his mixer past his house one day and the dude-on-the-side had his beautiful Caddy convertible parked in front of the house with the top down... :)

The picture in the paper was awesome! The Caddy's suspension and tires were absolutely crushed by the weight of that wet cement filling the car! The driver was arrested (too bad!); but it had to be worth it! :D :D :D

When I was a kid there was an old guy down the street that hated kids. He was a degenerate alcholic as well.

To make a long story short the cops caught him with a car load of guns babbling about getting even. I wouldn't encourage your kids to cause trouble, just ignore them and let you handle them. You can't do much when you are at work.

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