OT payback

We had a neighbor that had two kids that terrorized the neighborhood, kids and adults. Everyone was afraid of this family because, These kids would beat the snot out of the other kids, they stole, damaged others properties and just were punks and ran like monsters all over everything.

When the law biding neighbors tried to speak to the parents, there was nothing but threats of violence, name calling and cussing. Ya these parents were real role models. Well one new neighbor stood up after seeing the bad kid beating on a little kid. The Bad dad was egging his kid on to keep punching. The new neighbor beat the bad dad stupid (If that was possible). Problem solved.

Maybe the neighbor you complain about has a legit reason to call the cops. I read your post and it seams you sir do what ever you please, Block the sidewalk, let your kids trespass. I would like to hear the other side of the story. From what I read in your posts, you are probably the trouble family in the hood.

Man Get even my foot

grow up

I don't know if you have any " Spy Supply " stores near you but, if you do , they carry several books and videos about covert payback. Some of it can get quite nasty , but that is up to your discretion. Try it out, the light but constant payback will drive them nuts. Good Luck! WR Dave.

ok duckman.first off. the trespassing my boy did was on a vacant lot across the street.they rode there bicycles over a little bump of a hill, for over 6 months without incident. then miss nosey body moves in and cabammm. the culdesac police arrived.the snow on the walk was put there by a town employee buddy of mine who clear a stormdrain from snow and allowed me an exit from my driveway...we had over 24 inches of snow.the sidewalk issue was not a big hassle.that was nothing compared to my 4 yr old getting the cops called on him.

i work 55-60 hrs a week. i pull in to my driveway at 6 pm on a summers day.and there are cops in my yard and about a million friggin kids and nosey neighbors wonderin what is goin on at ol starttmans house.sh!t i just wanna get a shower and some wrestlin time in with my boys.i'm thinkin what the fu*k!!! after all is explained the cops leave and i politly walk over to the guys house with wife in tow. i asked him why his wife felt it necessary to have the police called on my son.he said there were too many kids around and he was annoyed by all the noise. then his wife proceeds to call my wife a stupid f-ing bitch and threaten her. i told the white trash to get a life and leave me the hell alone. so far we have avoided each other.that is until i built this small tabletop ramp for my boys to ride their bicycles on. it is on the side walk in front of my driveway. they ride the bikes down the walk and go over the ramp.i put wheels on one side so we can wheel it up the driveway when it is not being used...she doesn't like it and tries to get the town to haul it away.... the call at 7:30 this morning from the town office threatening me with a 50.00 fine was the last straw.

this chick is nothing but trouble ... she told her own kids that we were religeous fanatics because we send our boys to catholic school.and that we feel we are above them because of that.. she has also stated that i bought the motorcycles so i could avoid my wife.hell my wife has her own ttr125...nothing could be farther from the truth.

Ducman I am not the neighborhood trouble maker...i bend over backwards for my freinds . all the kids on the block hang at my house because i work and fix all there bikes for free.i keep my yard clean and nicely trimmed and i mind my own damn business.... i just wish others could do the same.

thanks for all the reply's gentlemen...

you all are top notch...except ducman :)

chris startt

Very articulate way of putting it there starttman!

Was wondering is that how you speak to the neighbors or the kids for that matter. ;)Back at ya. I still bet there is another side of the story. Bad blood starts when one is unwilling to except fault. Not saying you have any :) I find it ironic you send your kids to religous school

Train your dog to [censored] in their yard. Hell my dog often craps on the nosey old bats door step! :D Hey sometimes she even gets a little human dung! :)

Oh yeah. Over look the NOOB! :)

Go out one night and put your old solvent and other nasty chemicals on their lawn. Simple, yet it's sure to really get them going.

Go out one night and put your old solvent and other nasty chemicals on their lawn. Simple, yet it's sure to really get them going.

Just don't let it dribble so you leave a trail. That would be really bad. :D:):D

you guys are evil :)

Starttman if I lived in your neighborhood my kids would be over your house.


who's side are you on??? The psyco neighbor or your ThumperTalk brother??? :)

I'm on your side starttman, but I think TJames said it best right off the bat. "Take the high road."

Although I think Ducman is out of line for presuming so much about your situation, it is true that there is always more to the story. Not that I think you are the "bad guy", but it is impossible for any of us to fully understand your exact situation without having lived it. In essence, the nature of your posting is really just an invitation for others to share how they act toward people they don't like or can't get along with. The only thing I would add to that discussion is that you will never get any real satisfaction from acting in an unfriendly and/or harmful way to others. You eventually reap what you sow.

I would also like to point out that discussing retaliatory tactics here on TT and using your dirtbike as a tool to purposely aggravate anyone is not helping our general cause.


I had a neighbor who I was friends with that hated mowing his lawn or taking care of anything outside. He did it, just not often enough and complained constantly.

My buddy and I came home from the bar very late one night in the early fall and heavily fertilized half of his front lawn. All of us were cutting ours for the last time and his was as green as ever. He had to mow for another month. It was classic.

As stated above...

>>5. Find out what really annoys them and check to see if it's legal for you to do. If it is, do that as much as you can.

This is your best bet... Do what you can to him without implicating yourself. I like the sign him up for every free sample under the sun approach. Go to a distant pay phone and get every religious fanatic on his invite list. Anonymously report him for suspicious behaviour (meth lab, threatening children, wearing fur, no medical insurance, etc), do the restraining order, get the city out to re-survey his property, buy a cheap video set-up and point it at him, have block meetings and don't invite him. Make him know he is not wanted and can't set outside his house without being watched for infractions. Spin his crap right back onto his household.

Part of this is to also win the hearts and minds of your neighbors... are they having the same grief? Will they participate in ostracizing the offending folks? If there is no general consent, it'll be a tough fight. Start by getting a copy of your local by-laws and seeing if you can start with some obvious stuff.

my $.02

Ducman get lost

Hey Oatmeal,

I remember you ordering a PowerNow. What where your results?

I am definitely not on the side of instigating or propagating harm to others. Unless this neighbor is Saddam, then I would think there is a practical solution, other then scheming to do harm to the neighbor. What message is that sending to the kids on the block for that matter the other neighbors. Starttman this will make you the bad guy, thats the part I was trying to point out. ometimes a warm hand is better then a slap. Unless of course they slap first, then we can talk tactics :) and what I mean by slap is physical harm, name calling and such is nothing, just teach the kids to ignore, that infuriates people more.

Plus dont you all think there is enough terrorism in the world...

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