FMF Ti-PowerCore learnings.

Now that the bike is freshly rebuilt, and new hotcam's, and FMF ti-PowerCore, I'm out playing around with it and having a blast, dialing in the jetting, etc. Still can't get a "real" trail ride in as there is still snow in the woods/trails here, but you can bomb around the open spots, and any roads that were plowed through the winter and such.

I have been running it without the spark arrestor in the pipe.

First, I live in the boonies of Atlantic Canada, we have no "rules" for emmisions, or noise, etc, and there is NO ONE around to get mad at me for being loud, etc. I'm all for keeping bikes quiet where they need to be, to keep trails open, etc, but that simply does not apply here.

The powercore without the arrestor is loud. The bike has a very noticable "hit" in the mid range, very noticable to me anyway, I still consider myself a newb, as last year was my first year with a bike in over 20 years.

With the spark arrestor in, it took a bit of the "edge" off the sound (not much though), but the difference in the bike was quite noticable to me!

Bottom end was better, and it really smoothed out the power delivery, much more linear, smoothed/mellowed out the "hit" , and I found it liked the fuel screw turned in about 1/8 (little leaner) then without the arrestor.

In short, much nicer if you were doing extremely slow nasty stuff, or hills...anywhere you don't want that MXish power hit, and want the power a bit better on the bottom.

I think it's great that you can change your bike noticably by something so simple, and I was quite suprised and the change!

No questions here, I figured I'd simply share something that I found, which I was not really expecting. For most of my riding, I'll still have it out, it's just way more fun, and thats all I do with the bike, is have fun blasting around on it (Just call me "Bubba")

Where you at in NB? I'm in Saint John on a plated 05 WR450. Not many other dirt bikes in this area.

Just outside Moncton....

Hillsbourough area...I've yet to see another WR on the trails here.....ton's of YZ's though.....and of course, those red bikes are everywhere......

interesting, I'm going to remove my spark arrestor to check the sound and possible gains, thanks for the idea

Just tested the bike with no spark arrestor for two days (city rides travelling to work on SM), the bike was much louder than with arrestor, as far as I could see there were people turning heads and grannies runing away, touch too loud for my taste but seemed to have slightly more power throughout ( 5 %, emotional possibly ), I' m back with the spark arrestor and the bike sounds like landing helicopter but rather quiet compared to blank pipe, will fit a quite insert soon and let you know the experience

Hey kloss, have you tried it off road yet and compared the difference?

That is where I find you can really feel the difference, when your in tight and twisty trails, or, in bad traction area's etc.....

Me and a buddy (who has about 30 years experience over me....), were out for the day yesterday and swapped bikes, he tried mine with the spark arrestor, and without, and he was amazed at the difference as well....he preferred it with the arrestor in, like the power delivery much better, and how it smoothed it out, made it more linear....

He's really into tight twisty stuff though, where I'm more into more open, fire road kinda stuff, with good straights, hard on brakes, through corner, and big power out of the turn, onto another straight, so I still lean towards the spark arrestor being out.

If you DS, or do ANY street riding though, as you do....I'd be leaving it

Hi, No off road really, I'm fairly new to off road riding and definately not a champion, my riding is mostly street or green lanes around, sometimes I go to abandoned MX track nearby for 10 mins blasts, will take the spark arrestor out there next time, thanks for your help

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