'06 KX450F Clutch???

I took my '06 KX450F out yesterday for a ride , at a friends track, The track is mostly made of sand. I often ride this track, & the bike is usually great in these conditions.

But yesterday, I was coming out of the sandy turns & the bike is not peforming. When the engine is reving in high rpms, the bike is not actually hooking up, the power is not going to hte back wheel, the motor is reving high & tends to rev high when accelarating, but the bike is not going.

Usually at top rpms the bike is pulling & spitting rocks....hmmm...

A friend mention it may be my clutch slipping. The bikes clutch seems to operate find when starting off & changing gears.

When there is a strain on the bike, its not producing.....

Could it be my clutch?

I do not have any experience with a clutch that is slippin or wornin'

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Try it on the pavement,its much easier to notice if the clutch is slipping.It could possibly be a worn/wrong type rear tire that doesnt hook up in the sand.

One way I would test with my 2 strokes is put it in a high gear (like top), dead stop and dump the clutch if the revs would hang for a bit it was slipping if it just would die its good. Only thing is with the 450 even in 4th I think it would just take off so im not sure if this would help you or not.

When they start slipping, not always but sometimes the friction point of where the clutch starts engaging is more out at the end of the travel, instead of right around in the middle like these bikes are with a good condition clutch.

It can only be the clutch or a crappy rear tire.

In 4th, with good traction, it should pull pretty hard from 3000rpm. Any clutch slip before 6000 rpm should be pretty easy to feel. Slip it on purpose if in doubt.

Thanks for the replies guys.

I took it out last night for a try, it seems to slippin in both 3rd & 4th, on a had packed road.

Its not the tire, same tires I been using for years.

I guess the clutch is coming out tonight for a look.


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