Fuel Bowl -Help Please

Looks like I have a small problem with my fuel bowl.. I was replacing a pilot jet last night and the small overflow tube that run's up the middle of the bowl was broken off. :):D Has anybody found a replacement fuel bowl for one of these carb's. From my sig below, I have a '98 bike. Yamaha will not sell just the fuel bowl, but must sell the entire carb. I called Carbparts.com and they are not sure they will have the replacement parts for this either. I thought about trying to remove the broken piece of brass that is stuck in the bowl bottom, but it pressed in there pretty damn tight. Please Help......


Wheres it broken off at? Right flush with the bowl or up a little?

If its up a bit I imagine you could go to any harware store and get some brass (or plastic) stiff tubing and slide it over whats left.

If theres nothing left to put something over then mabye you could have a machineist drill out whats pressed in and then have them press in a new rod? Mabye? :)

Same thing happened to my carb float bowl. Nobody sells a float bowl for our carbs. I tried several different solutions that fixed it temporarily but I think I have finally fixed it permanently. I went to the local hobby shop and got some 1/8" and 5/32" brass tubing. The 1/8" fits perfectly inside the existing float bown vent tube. The 5/32" fits perfectly over the 1/8" tubing. Cut the 1/8" tubing long enough that sticks out about an inch if fits all the way up inside the float bowl vent tube. Then cut the 5/32" tube to an inch long. Use solder and a propane torch to solder everything together. Make sure you use general purpose solder (not electrical solder.) This should fix it.

The tube broke off flush with the fuel bowl.. I tried to remove the broken piece, but it pressed in there really good.



I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to have this prolem. I picked up some extra tubing from the local hobby store in the 4 smallest size they had. I like the solder idea, but I may also try drilling the broken piece out of the fuel bowl and drill the hole a little smaller than the brass tube I purchased.



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