Plastics - OEM, UFO, Acerbis, Cycra, etc.?

I have a set of Acerbis plastics on my 04 KX250 that I am not really pleased with. They are really thin and flimsy compared to OEM ones I took off, and they also fit poorly. I never put the new rear side panels on because they do not fit. I had to trim the OEM ones a little so they would work with the Acerbis rear fender. They are also crooked on the bike...the front and rear fender are not molded straight.

So, it is unlikely I will ever get another set of Acerbis and I have had poor luck with their other stuff as well. On my DRZ I got a mount kit for my handguards and it was drilled by hand it looked like. The holes were anything but centered so it looked and worked like crap. Needless to say it is sitting on a shelf now.

My question is this - do any of the aftermarket plastics compare to OEM? They are thick and rigid which is good. They might weigh a few ounces more but that is OK with me. The OEM plastic is really expensive so if another company makes a good product I would give the a try first. What to you guys like? UFO, Cycra, Polisport, OEM, etc ?

I just got a set of ufo for an 03 kx250 . They look really good and fit perfect.

Now if I can just find some good looking shroud graphics.

UFO plastic is very good. not thin or flimsy. i would give that a try :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

I have UFO plastic on my rm and it is just as good as OEM, the acerbic plastic I did have however was thin and flimsy.

yea from what ive heard, acerbis plastic is garbage :banghead:

acercis front fender has wind problems

From my experience with the last six "M" and "R" model ('03-'07) KX250's we have or had, this is what I've come up with as to what I'll use where.

Front Fender - Get OEM unless you don't mind spending additional money over and over again replacing a cracked, distorted front fender. I've tried multiple aftermarket plastic manufactures here and their plastic is all too brittle where the OEM I've had folded inside out backwards after wacking a tree and it looked every bit as good as it did prior.

Radiator Shrouds - OEM again. I only got one ride out of a set of UFO rad shrouds once. The shroud barely kissed a scrubby pine branch during a race and the brittle b@$tard blew apart with the graphics holding it together like safety glass. Aftermarket brittle plastic won't take to many 'pops' or 'whacks' from trees or crashes. OEM ones have lasted me until I retired the bike (years and years of tree beatings later).

Side Panels - Here's the one place you need to go aftermarket unless you leave your seat bolts finger tight. OEM side panels are of the same plastic as the rest of the body work which is good until the insert pulls through the soft plastic from tightening your seat down. Granted, you don't torque 'em to 72' lbs, but tight enough to prevent them from coming loose still seems to pull the insert through the OEM plastic eventually. Any of the aftermarket side panel are fine here, especially ones with built-in inserts that stay put when you take them off. I've used several brands here with no fitment issues from any. If the excess your talking about is on the inside were it meets up with the rear fender, that is suppose to be there. It slides in between the rear fender and sub-frame to help seal the airbox from rear tire debris. At least that's how it always went together on my scooters.

Rear Fender - If you ever plan to use a tail light/license plate holder on your back fender or your wreck prone, get a OEM rear fender. They'll put up with the additional weight for a whole lot longer before cracking over the aftermarket stuff. Otherwise any of the aftermarket rear fenders are fine.

Obviously, if you can get the aftermarket stuff for dirt cheap, get it. I know I have (brand new $10 rear fenders, $9 fronts, etc.), but in certain areas under a fair beating, it just doesn't hold-up as well.

Sorry my response is so long winded,

zz3's girl,


Do OEM shrouds come with the graphics installed?

I broke one on my 05 last weekend but I really like the matte look these bikes have, not that shiny-dipped in baby oil look.

I also noticed on my 2000 that aftermarket plastics don't have the sharp lines OEM ones do.

+1 on the UFO plastics...

Ever set I've purchased fit very well.

I always use Polisport because it seems thicker than UFO,and have never had a fitment issue.

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