Paddle tires

anyone out there have any experience with paddle tires on there WR450F yet? I am looking for a great tire to run. Any info on tire type, number of paddles you run and your experiences with said tires would be great. thanks in advance for any advice.


I haven't run my paddle on my 450 yet but am planning to in May for a big trip. I have used King's paddle tires (because they're cheap and durable) on my kx500 and wr426. I saved the one from my 426 to use on my 450. I read on a site that sells the high-end tires that a 6-paddle is recommended for 125's, 8-paddle for 250's and 10-paddle for 500's. I have seen some people run the 10-paddles on the 250's but I prefer to stick with the 8-paddle so the motor doesn't bog as much. I have had great success with the 8-paddle and you can see the WR426 in action last using that tire HERE.

thanks for the info. I will check it all out, that last post works for me since they have a warehouse down the road from me :)

Don't forget a D773 for the front. Adds to the enjoyment.

Do you guys pull the rubber flap that protects the shock for paddle clearance purposes?

Oh Yah the mud flap! Last time I forgot to take it off, its much shorter now. :)

We pull the mudflap and replace it with a ShockWear to help keep the sand away form the shock. Most places here in MI only stock the Chen Sheng paddle and mudflap clearance is a big problem.

Oh yeah, what a cool invention, wish I had big sand dunes to play in. Man they must ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOST !!!!!

I always pull the mud flap and then use duct tape to seal up the back side of the shock where sand could blast it. I've never heard of ShockWear before though. Google here I come!


Awesome Dune Video, you really make me want to load the bike and head out to Yuma, AZ/CA right now. Ok back to reality and work. I agree on the 8 paddle and I have had good luck with Cheng Shin Dune Hopper

Oh yah after looking at that King's Turbo I'm going to try that one next time. What about the front tire thing? I have only used the knob. Am I missing out on something? Is it like the buggies and quads use, bald w/ a rib?

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