Engine rebuilt hours?

Hí All!

My friend buy, the used yz450f 2006 year.

They question: how much hours most rebuild/change the piston and crankshafts?

We hear, the crankshaft 100 hours is no problem, the piston plus 100 hours no problem.

Thanks the help.

Sorry the english:i use word book.

I rebuilt my 08 top end (piston/rings)at 60hrs. Everything was still within spec.

For normal use, I would say 100 hours on the piston, possibly 2-300 on the crankshaft.

i have more then 100 hours,going to put new piston next year.

On my 2001 426 I got 120 hrs on the OEM piston and it was still within spec. The cylinder barely showed signs of wear and was nearly in spec.

The crank made it about 260hrs, about 140 of those were with a big bore kit up top. Unfortunately, it was ruined by a bad oil ring after a top end. I didn't do the top end, I had a local shop do the work and they neglected to give the necessary detail.

I think that if a bike is well maintained a good rule of thumb is 120-160 hrs on the piston and cylinder. Maybe 300-340hrs on the crank.

Untimely, how you ride and maintain your bike will determine how long your motor lasts. If you keep the dirt out of the motor and make sure to change the oil and filters regularly these motors will last for hundreds of hours.

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