which year should i go with

Hey everyone, im sure this has already been brought up so feel free to post a link but i just got rid of my yfz450 (quad) for 3300 and am looking for a yz450 now. I made my mind up when i rode a buddy's 07 at the dunes and was blown away by how fun and smooth it was plus I want to start racing a little again. What year could I afford? I can add my next paycheck to the the 3300 if i need to but I perfer to get an 06 or higher with the aluminum frame, im not sure how serious the racing will get but either way im gettin me one! also what changes have been made from the 06 to 07's cause i really like my buddy's bike :banghead: thanks 4 any help!

The changes from '06 upward were mostly refinements. The '06 has more lower mid range power than the later bikes, but if you liked the '07, any of them should suit you. The '08 would need a pipe other than the stocker, or it will feel weak at low/mid.

make sure its new enough to have the aluminum frame

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