Lighting Stator

yes! regulator and rectifier

doe's any one know if you add a battery to your 06 and newer yz450 with an r/r and not run a light in the day will it charge you battery
Only if it has a lighting coil to supply power to the lights/battery. The stock stator won't do it.

I am having the issue with the 03-05 yz 450. the dealer is getting it swaped out this time but i am scared to put the new one on when i get it...

also having issues with it went through 2 of them im done. Want to buy a YZF?

I went ahead and ordered a lighting stator from Electrex World in the UK. Delivered in 7 days and cost me less, including shipping! Let's hope the quality is good!

NO NO NO, electrix in the uk is still using the chinease moose/electrosport. I talked to a gentelman at ricky stator about this situation there is a true 50 watt european stator that you can even get a flywheel for for an extra 15% the stator is about $170 with shipping 2-3 days and the flywheel is $185.

the above link appears for the older steel frame units. doubtfull the stator would work for the aluminum frames most of us are trying to get this to work on. ski

The Electrex one I bought says "made in the EEC".

Ski - if you look at the one labelled "dual sport kit" - it appears to be the correct 4 pole stator style for our bikes. Who knows one the reliability issue, though!

Just FYI that I went ahead and bought the stator and FW from These guys are super nice and easy to work with (Nick and Bev). I confirmed that they have a separate EU manufacturer for their 50w stator -- it is not Electrex/Electrosport/Moose. You can get the FW in stock weight, 5 oz. over and 10 oz. over. I went with stock since I have a supermoto application. Also, it appears from their website that they have a full wiring harness/dual sport setup for an AC lighting system for those interested in an AC system.

get it on yet? hows it looking?

he has it on, but only ridden about 10 minutes on it so far, as he doesn't have his bike plated yet. So far, so good, though - let's all keep our fingers crossed!

How did the stator do? Any failures?

I'm about to install the Pro Racing setup on my '07 YZ450F pretty simple...just scared since it's an AC system...(or waiting on Lumpy's trial runs :banghead: )

So far I'm pretty impressed with the kit, very nice wiring loom and connectors, front light pretty basic and it includes the horn and relay for the turn signals behind the number plate nice and neat.

The only thing is the rear fender / tail light / turn signal assembly, the right hand turn signal sits right in front of the exhaust hole!!! ah well, got some driilling and cutting to do!

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