Shock Work - suggestions?

Hi everyone,

I am getting ready to have my forks/shocks sent in for some work. At this time, I am not to sure as to which company to go with to do it. Do any of you have a recommendation? Any happy customers out there? I prefer it would be done on the West Coast but am open.

The terrain I ride - woods, desert, enduro's and soon a Harescramble. I would consider myself a C or Fast C rider. (I am sure my riding buds will state otherwise :)) I am a regular "legend in my own mind" basically looking to set my bike up for ME for the first time ever. Damn, when I was young I just rode! Shocks? Umm ya! I have those. :D

Thanks for your replys,


Dave i have always been very happy with aftershocks in Palo Alto.They are good guys and will redo it till it is right for you.Their customer service is very good and they are nice guys.

But i must admit that i have tried racetech gold valves on my wr450.I needed to know if they were better(grass is always greener).I had a local shop install them and i am suprised how well they work.I ride the same stuff as you and got the enduro setup.

I'll let you try it in CC. :)

I have tried numerous outfits for both dirt and road race setups. For the dirt I have been very happy with the work done by Factory Connection. They have setup both jap. and euro bikes for me and they were all spot on right out of the box. Regardless of who you choose the best advice I can give is to be honest in your riding skill level when you discuss valving and springs. The number one problem I see from people complaining about there suspension is valving it stiffer than there riding level and then not understanding why it beats them to death.

I had Hitchcock Industries in Colorado do my revalve, new seals and my shock service. Cost was roughly $350 for everything....Neil Hores is the expert.....formerly worked for Moose Racing and A-Loop Offroad. Phone is 303-761-4652.

I'll second Aftershocks. Phil has been around for a long time and knows his stuff.

See ya Sat. Fryboy :)


I'm sure there are lots of great suspension places out there. Phil at Aftershocks did my suspension and it has been very sweet for me. Plush on the chop, controlled on the whoops, never bottoms noticebly. And very reasonbly priced as I recall.

I used tbt racing. You can find them at They did my seals, re-valve on my forks and a re-valve and stiffer spring on my shock. I have been real happy with his work and fast turn around time.

I used Too Tech Suspension in Torrance ( ). Took my whole bike into him on Monday afternoon, to lazy to take it apart, and I had my bike back Wednesday afternoon. Great service.

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