decomp mod

Hot cams says not to use synthetic oil for the break in the problem is I only run synthetic does it matter?
I have no idea why any thinking individual would say that, but I do all my break ins with the same oil I always run. That happens to be Amsoil MCF full synthetic.

In general, there are two things you need to observe regarding cam break-in:

  • Use a moly assembly lube. Not gobs of it, just a coating on the lobes. Drench the lifters with your engine oil before you close up.
  • Keep the engine above 2000 RPM for the first 15~20 minutes. Improves lubrication and reduces scrubbing the new lobe surface.

Ideally, you would replace all the lifters, too. You don't have to, but it is the best approach. If any of them look worn or "wavy" on top, get new ones.

all the lifters looked good I guess I'll use the mobile 1 oil that I've always used for the break-in the new hot cams exhaust cam didn't have any of the painted marks on it like in the pictures. So I'm like 90% on how it's supposed to go in.

sorry never heard of a freeze plug what are they ? im from uk which might explain it

I get ya over in uk we call them core plugs cheers !!!!!!

Core plugs, bore plugs, soft plugs, cup plugs, freeze plugs, frost plugs, Welch plugs (actually a slightly different style, but the name gets used).....

Ain't English great?

finally finished waiting on parts and tools is what took the most time but I got it done today and like the mod so far but now my linkage is locked up:foul: so there goes more money and time not riding. How big of a deal is this linkage issue gonna be? I have a race next weekend maybe I'll be able to make it.

What linkage? Rear suspension?

the rear suspension linkage

That won't be too big a deal as long as it all comes apart cooperatively. The swing arm pivot can be a problem if it rusts into the steel inserts in the rear of the engine.

We got everything back together Sunday afternoon, the decomp mod is going to be great and we got the rear suspension all greased up and ready to go. Thanks to everyone for all the great information, it made the project much easier

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