Factory sticker removal

KUDO'S to the TT gentleman that recommended the use of "gasket remover" to remove the factory warning stickers on the fenders. He stated that the stickers would literally "fall off"; and he was right. They fell off with no effect to the finish on the plastic fenders, at all. You must however, pull off the thin plastic film that covers the stickers (or it wont work), then apply the remover liberally. I followed up w/ some simple green degreaser.

Thanks "Whoever you are" for that GREAT advise. :)

I prefer "free" so I'll stick with my ole fashioned hair-dryer.


After using a heat gun/hair dryer I found a product at wal-mart called oops that is great for taking off any sticker or glue residue on just about any surface with no problems. You can find it in the paint dept.

Thanks "Whoever you are" for that GREAT advise

That would have been me, my friendly F6dood TT neighbor. :)

Youre very welcome. It works great. No scrubbing. Nothing. Just spray it on and watch it bubble! :D

Just be careful about getting any of that on your paint!

p.s. It also takes that crappy paint they used to put on plastic off real well. You know what I mean. Remember back in the 80's when they used to paint backgrounds on number plates and when you raked them across tree branches it scratched them all up and they looked horrible. This stuff takes that right off too.

What can I say, I like to expierment! :D

Blow dryer, WD-40 and Goo-Gone. All work great.

I prefer the blow dryer and WD-40. But if it's free you want, just use your pressure washer. They will come off with ease..............db :)

superstar I did use WD-40 and with great succes on all other bikes but on my brand new WR with 0 miles on it there was a large fu##ing cloud left on my rear fu##ing fender due to cheap fu##ing plastic. :) Needless to say I was not happy about this :D

Another excellent product is called GOO GONE. This works miracles. I was out for a ride on the street bike and stopped by a friends house who was having his driveway sealed and managed to step in that tar they use to bond the new asphalt. When I got home I walked through the family room, which just had new berber (beige)put in. I was in the garage when I heard my wife yelling. I could not deny it I wear a size 12 and my son 8. GOO GONE solved the problem!

This does not need to be an all or nothing deal. Stop by a friends house and use "His" gasket remover. Free and easy.

Thanks for the tip.

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