License plate bracket for a WR450.

I need a license plate holder for my WR450. Who sells a good one. I don't want a tailight or turn signals on it.

I found 2 good ways to mount a plate.

For both options, take a plastic 5 gallon bucket and trace the size of the plate on it. Now, taper the rectangle from the plate down to the width of the tip of the rear fender. You need to follow the curve of the bucket. Attach the plate to the fender with bolts or cotter pins (for quick detach).

Hazard this way if it doesn't have a break away, you could damn near fillet your leg in a bail out. I realized this and mounted the plate vertically. Just enough to be legal, if you dont shoot your mouth off to a cop you should be ok. And, in a bail out, it's no wider than the fender.

Another way I've seen that is even less legal is to mount the plate vertically UNDER the fender, just above the mud flap. Not visible with mud of course, but it may be just ehough to keep you legal.

Same note as "just enough to be legal" try a dental mirror taped to your hand guard or jammed in your grip. :)

I run the Baja Designs one. $20 light weight works great.

New2, that looks good!

And the bucket dosn't look bad either.


I got a license bracket from It mounts to the three tail light attaching bolts under the tail light. It's aluminum and is up out of the way.


Beezer, I got mine from Baja Designs also, it is alum. and it bolts to your tailight and 2 holes you drill in the rear fender. It seems very tough and I think mine was $35.00 :)

Here's a link to a picture of mine. It cost all of about 2 bucks to make. Use a piece of 3" x 10" 3/32" aluminum plate and bend it to a suitable angle. Drill 3 holes that line up with the bolts holding on the taillight assy. and use the nuts to attach. It has held up very well for me.

Check out UFO's YZ style rear fender tail light. Comes with a drop down license plate bracket that can be trimmed to fit the plate, very clean looking, light to illuminate the plate, and no turn signals.

Of course, Iguess I'm not positive if they make them for the 450d's yet.......just and idea.


Dodger :):D

Nice job Rich. Lately I have time on my hands. I think I'll make one.

hey rich i can't see your picture. its like a dark tower with trees around it.

Looks like a tree house to me ..

Ditto on the Baja Designs. No holes to drill, clean look and according to my local Sherrif's Deputy passes the DMV visual and height test for Colorado.

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