*** Utah riders -- 5 mi pass on Friday ***

r1superstar (Danny) and I will be riding 5 mi pass on Friday. We'll be in the main parking lot on the north side of the road at 1:30pm. I'll be driving a white dodge ram with an orange ktm in the back. Danny drives a 4 runner and will be pulling a WR426. Anyone else who's interested, the more the merrier :). Respond here or send me a PM.

- Eric

Yep, that's me!........ :)

I'd love to go. I'm in Ogden. However, it's just not possible for me to arrange things to go this Friday. Please keep posting your rides. I'll hook-up with you soon.



I'll count on it, I don't think it'll be a problem. See you there.


Doug, I'll watch for you. We'll be in the parking lot just west of where you were parking last time we rode 5mi pass. See ya there.

- Eric

Yeah! Doug can make it too...............db :)

I may be in for this one!! :)



I forgot to call you this morning. Yeah, if you can make it tomorrow that would be great! Give me a call in the morning. Hope to see you there.............db


Shucks... looks like I can't go after all. Got to work tomorrow. :)

Guys, some of us actually have to work. Think of me when your out playing.. Please let me know when you have a saturday ride.

Work before play??? :) Keep watching this forum. We post a ride every couple of weeks. Many times for Saturday rides.

Saturday ride you ask? How about this one?

I am going to run this race. I hope everyone that can will too. Here is the info. Let's do it TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!

Hare and Hound and USRA Points Event

When - March 22, 2003

Where - 11 miles south of Wendover on Highway 93A


1st Loop approx 60 miles

2nd Loop approx 30 miles

Alternate gas truck leaves at 11:15 sharp

Expert and Amateur two (2) loops

Novice and Sportsmen 1 Loop

Elevation is 4300 - 6000 Feet


Big Bikes and Mini's 33%

PeeWee 100%

General Information

Mass Start in class - Big Bikes

5 MPS pit enforced

Color combinations will be enforced for all classes

Novice - Green Backgrounds with White Numbers

Amateurs - Yellow and Black any combination

Expert - White and Black any combination


Big Bikes

Big Bike Race starts at 12:00 pm SHARP

Riders Meeting 11:45 am

Sign up 7:30 -10:30 at race site


Approx 11 mile loop race for one hour

Race starts at 10:30 am

Riders Meeting 10:15 am

Sign up 7:30 -10:00 at race site

Pre Entry

Must be received before March 15, 2003

Please make check payable to UTAH DESERT FOXES

Mail the entries to


7351 S. Galaxy Hill Road

West Jordan, Utah 84084

USRA contact information:

Desert: lila lundgreen 801.789.3450

Moto Cross: dana barlow 801.966.4635

db :)

Last Call.....................

There is not even the slightest chance I will try to race with you hare and hound folks. Your all crazy.

My plan would be to watch. As they crash, pick up the loose bike parts, then sell them on ebay.

I may re-consider. Is there a spot for "normal" folks like myself that want to keep top speeds under 70 or so and have to take smoke breaks on a regular basis?

If I choose to, how do I pick a number?

HAHAHA!! You are more than welcome to join us anytime for a ride. :)

As far as today's ride went; it was GREAT!! Some snow on the northwest faces but nothing too bad. "mrmoto (Eric)" and I had a blast!! We rode for about three hours and the temperature was right at 53 degrees.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make the Wendover 200 as I previously hoped for because I start my process to become a MSF Certified-RiderCoach in Utah that weekend. :D But I hope to make the next desert race in April:

***APR 5-6 CEMA / WORCS Price,UT***

We are still going to Moab on April 11-13th. And we are going to stop at Kainsville on Friday on the way to Moabthe 11th.

Peace......................db :D

Sorry I did not see your post earlier. Just got back from Montana....SNOW, they won't be riding anytime soon.

Heading out tomorrow, SAT with the Kids. Still have your stuff Eric. I am cancelling my Boise trip next week and should be in Provo on Wednesday. I'll give you a call and make sure your in.


I have a friend that lives in Ogden I'm planning on making a trip out this summer, maybe I should bring the bike and get together with your group. Sounds like a blast. Hopefully meet you on the trail on day

Bill -- I may see you if you're going to 5mi pass. I'm planning to take my kids this afternoon. PW80, JR50, & GoCart. Should be great time. If not, I should be around on Wednesday.

- Eric

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