Missing bolt in chain slider

Has anyone had and trouble with the '02 WR chain slider bolts? On top of the swingarm, where the last bolt goes through chain slider (rub plate), the hole drilled in the swingarm stripped out! I haven't over-tightened before,and the other ones are fine. This was clearly a defect in workmanship! Any ideas on fixing it? I would like to stick with a 4 mm bolt, but I don't know if i can because I am going to have to tap the swingarm I think.

We lost both bolts and the upside-down tophat looking washer/spacer on my sons yz80. The kicker was that the tophats were $11.00 each!!!! Of course you cant get them anywhere except from Yamaha. The bolts were like 48 cents. I make sure they get lots of Locktite now!

Originally posted by d_criss:

The kicker was that the tophats were $11.00 each!!!!

I bought one at Bobby J's here in albuquerque. Was only about $2.

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