Important info on Green/ Red Stickers

If you plan on coming to the West Coast TT run, I just got the 411 on what to do if you are out of State

You need to show up at a Calif DMV office

"Auburn, Calif"

with the bike and your out of state drvers license.

Just dont go to a main office like Sacramento, Small town offices on your way in to Calif., would be your best bet.

Is it safe to assume they will ask for an out of state off-road permit when they get there?

If so, is there anything else they will need to become legal?

Is there a background check and a 15-day waiting period? (grin)


Washington and Idaho, accept/honor Oregon OHV permits when visiting those states and dont require a visiting user to purchase another one.

I will call DMV in CA and see what they say. Being DMV I am sure I can get a diff answer from each person I speak with. But cant imagine it will be a big deal.


Thanks for the additional infor. I called the ranger/parks office and they said as long as the vehicle is registered you dont need the non-res permit. Apparently neighboring states like AZ dont require OHV to be registered and the non-res permit is aimed at them. Ranger guy said "as long as you have registration in Oregon you can come here and ride for free all day long"

I will be bringing my registration just in case.

it has been a while , but i brought my arizona title and ohv plate with me to texas canyon, it saugus,ca area, and the park ranger had no problems with it!

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