2003 wr450

Ok, I have read and searched alot on this subject and still have my problem. My bike 03 wr450 will not start with the button. I have done the updated parts and checked the battery both done, but what it is doing is when I push the button it turns over fine till it back fires and then it sounds like it is turning over slower. But when I kick it, it fires right up. Makes no differnce if the bike is cold or hot it just will not start with the button. Any ideas on this would be great. I would love to be able to use my button:bonk:

I guess the first thing to do is see if there is spark during cranking. Pull the spark plug and lay it next to the cylinder head (ground it) and push the button. See if there is a spark.

I will check that. But I was thinking that if it is poping that it was probaly getting spark, but I will check that

Oh, something i forgot to add:

You should leave the spark plug in, and get another plug to lay next to the engine(as ground). This will simulate compression, and slow down the starter.

This is probably not your problem, but on a cold engine mine doesn't like to start with the button unless I give it 3 twist of the throttle to prime it before I hit the button, then it will fire right up almost instantly. Now I can kick it when its cold with no throttle and it will start right up. It's almost as if the starter doesn't spin fast enough. Now when its warmed up, it will start up instantly with the button and no gas. I would check your air screw and possibly switch out a pilot jet.

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