OT... dirt bikes and Hollywood

I saw a classified ad the other day from a local Huskavarna dealer that had a bunch of these bikes that were in this movie for sale at what seemed like pretty good prices.

but what do I know about 2 smokes! :)

I think they look pretty good. Would make for a nice addition, even though it’s a 2 stroke:smirk:. Buying used would probably be the best way to go.

Anybody know who was doing the stunts for Vin?

I knew it was a husky.my dad said i was crazy.Those were cool stunts.I am suprised it was on a husky and not a more mainstream bike.Those columbians have good taste.

the movie was outrageous...the stunts were unbeleivable.

i just wish he had a helmet on...set a bad example there.

I wondered if it was Mouse McCoy. He is a great motorcycle rider/stuntman.

I would watch it again to find out, but I am busy practicing my "superman barrel roll"

Jeremy Stenberg did the stunts in XXX.

He is good! I liked the stunts, but overall that movie was bad.

How come we never got to see the girl he was with Naked?

I saw XXX on Direct TV the other night, and snickered at how phoney/cheesey all the bike stunts were. Most of you Dudes are too young to remember this, but one of the best chase scenes I ever saw was in the movie, The Great Escape, when Steve Mcqueen was trying to lose the Germans, attempting to escape. Mcqueen insisted on doing all his stunts too, unlike pretty boy Vin.... :) When Mcqueen passed away years ago, he left behind a substantial collection of exotic and vintage motorcycles.

unlike pretty boy Vin....

Hey - don't be too hard on Vin, how would you like to grow up with the initials V.D.? :)

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I have to comment of the Great Escape thing... Not to put down the amazing body of racing (and yeah.. acting) work Steve McQueen did, a stuntman by the name of Bud Ekins did the famous leap. yeah... The studios let it be known that Steve did the leap so he could maintain the image, but Bud did the work. Here's a quote from the article on the Amazon website...

Ekins: Well that was shot on a Monday and on Sunday, Steve, myself, an Australian motor-cross racer and Tim Gibbs, an excellent rider, we all went out to where they were going to do that [scene] and the effects man put a piece of string across at all these different heights. The first time I'd take a run at it and jump maybe two feet off the ground and then we would take a shovel and dig this natural ramp, changing the angles on it. And I'd jump 4, 6, 8 feet and then when we reached 10 feet we said that's it--we had the ramp and the speed. Nobody knew we were up there… so when it comes to Monday nobody said we'd already done it. Finally when I went ahead and did it we did it in one take. It seemed I was up in air forever--10 or 12 feet high and 120 feet distance jumped. When I was in the air it was dead silent.

12 feet in the air for 120 ft on a 1963 design suspension is why it still stands out. Amazing.

'OO in Calgary....I stand corrected. I always thought that Mcqueen made that jump himself. I checked out your website....way cool!!! :D:) Do you ever go riding out @ Maclean Creek, or Black Rock..??

I haven't ridden anywhere near as much as I should have.. I've been to McLean Creek a couple of times, and to Wiaprous 3 or 4 times, to the MX track in town a few times and hauled it to N.Sask (where I'm from) to ride with buds a few times. I don't have that many friends that ride in the dirt. I was hoping my buying a bike would spur someone else to catch the bug.. but no bites so far. So .. I'm still pretty well a squid in the dirt as well.

Is Black Rock down by the Indian Graves camp sites? 'cause I've been through there a few times. Unfortunetly, it's to the point where I might sell the blue beast and ge a KLR650 so I have some friends to ride in the semi-dirt with. It's a very tough decision as the WR is a fantatic bike and I'd like to have it as a keeper.

'00 in Calgary......check your PM's. :)

The thing I love about dirt bikes in the movies, and I know you've seen this; a guy is being chased by men w/ guns. Making his escape he jumps on a dirt bike & takes off. You can see its clearly a 4 stroke, usually a dual sport. In the next clip, in the audio trak, the bike amazingly becomes a 2 stroke. Then in the next clip, it reverts to a thumper. :D

Man..... I wish I could do that !! :)

The XXX dvd had some bonus footage of Vin learning how to ride. Appears this was his first go on a dirt bike.

No stunts, just rid'in the scooter to get some shots of him on the bikes.

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