I'm sure that this has come up before, but I was hoping you guys could shed some light as to the differences, and your opinions about the older wr400, compared to the newer wr models. Right now I have a KLX300, which isnt exactly a fire breather by any means (and thats the problem). I just blew the fork seals out at the local track, and am tired of the trailbike suspension. I was wanting to get a wr250 or the new cr250fx, but can't quite afford it, so I thought that since so many people are getting rid of their old wr's maybe I could snatch one up. Now I realize that the wr is going to be alot more to handle than my klx, but I have been riding for about four years now, and have ridden quite a few bikes. I will be doing some enduros and the occasional hair scramble. I live out in the open area of Northern New mexico, but there are some fairly tight woods. I also like to train on the local motocross track (which isn't that radical at all, but the klx is just getting the [censored] beat out of it), and need a bike with the suspension to handle it. Further I am worried about reliabillity, and ease of starting.

Let me know what you guys think (I'm 17, 150lbs, and about 6'1" by the way)

oh yeah, also what mods are recomended for this bike? Will jetting be a huge issue at 7k feet?

If you can get it, i would get the YZ or WR 250F. With your weight it would be awesome. I have ridden the WR250 and it is a lightweight. I have a 400 and it is a bit heavy and bulky in the tight. Get a used 250 and put a new cam in. Just my .02 :)

If you want a bike that will "breathe fire" compared to the KLX, either a 400 or 426 will do the trick, but are a little heavier than your current horse.

If you want it to be really light and easy to toss around in the tight stuff, the WR250F is a good choice. But it won't pull any harder than your KLX.

Dependability is not an issue with any of them. Just depends on what is more important to you.

I'd bet you would love any one of them.


yamaha 4 srokes are great bikes but you did say your concerned with ease of starting right? thats one thing they do not have!

My '00WR400 is jetted a little on the rich side. I have no starting problems unless I flood the engine. Almost always one kick.....as long as I follow the ritual. No ritual, no start! Cold, use choke and kick through 5-10 times with compression release first. Warm or hot, use hot start. NO THROTTLE AT ANY TIME.

Voila! End of problem.

Seriously, every jetting combination may have a slightly different ritual, but once you figure it out, it works.


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