Tipped over a new 450F

Honest to god, I did. I was looking at the new bike at the local dealer. I went to put it back on the stand, but the stand was resting against the sproket. The bike tips over. I picked it up. It felt light, but I was scared to death of scratching the only 450 in the shop.

I really envy you guys that are going to get these. Picking this up, it felt as light as my YZ 250.

What did the salesman say? :)

He was hoping for the old "You broke you bought it." Sorry it didn't work for you.

It felt LIGHT??? That’s just because your adrenaline was pumping! And the gas tank was empty, and the battery was out.

Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

The bike was sitting out front. Al alone. I suspect I was no tthe first person mesing with it. No one even noticed. I could have said something, but chose not to!

i am assuming a yz450 and not a wr 450. LOL. so no battery

OOOOOOOOOPPPPPPSSS! I hate it when that happens :)

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