Had to make a minor adjustment...

So I'm on my way home from work trying to figure out a dilemma (had to do with a street bike that wasn't being used by my kid, which was ok by me, but left a street bike sitting unused with 125 miles on it :foul:).

So I stop by:


and talked to Jared, one of the sales guys, not the Subway guy, which leads me to talk about the S40


that I needed to do something with, as well as the WR250F


that I currently ride.

But what to do??? :banghead:

Well, it turns out that my local dealer was tired of it being April so they decided to start the sales month of May early and figured they could make me a helluva deal today since it was clearly the beginning of a new sales month...

So we talked... :foul:

and thinked :banghead:

and talked :foul:

and thinked :banghead:

and talked :foul:

and thinked :banghead:

and talked :foul:

and we agreed :banghead: that they'd buy one bike,

and the other would go on consignment (for a decent flat-rate price) :foul:

and I would go home with a:


Woo Hoo !!! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Congrats! This is why I avoid stores...... :banghead:

Nice! Sounds like a good exhange to me.

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