yz 450 exhaust problem

i have a 2004 yz 450 and have the work conection heaver suspension on it and now the pipe rubes the suspension i was wonder if anyone knew of any pipes that are small and woundnt rube.

So the spring is rubbing the exhaust? Doesn't seem to make sense?

Most aftermarket pipes will be the same or bigger diameter than stock.

It sounds like the spring is the wrong one for the bike. There is no reason for it to contact the mid pipe unless the spring is the wrong diameter, or the frame is bent.

it started to do that once i got the aftermatket spring wich is thicker then stock

That's my point; it's the wrong spring.

My 04 did the same thing with the works connection spring. I always assumed the pipe was tweeked a bit or something. I never did anything about it because it was very minor. I never noticed it rubbing but would notice a small amount of paint rubbed off the spring when I would be doing maintenance. Try to see where it is rubbing and see if you can loosen the pipe and pull it away a bit then try to retighten and see if you can gain a bit of clearance.

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