Have idea......should I try it?

I have new plastics on order for my 400f. My old plastics arent cracked, just scratched up quite a bit. I was thinking about whether I should throw them away and then I thought of an idea...At my local auto parts store they sell this truck bed liner spray in multi colors including a blue that is very close to the bikes color. I have expiramented with the stuff before with my running boards on my truck. It works great. It is flexible, sticks really good and doesnt peel, and it is scratch PROOF! I think I will expirament with the old plastics and see if it looks good. If it does, the scratch problem would be solved. Plus, if it gets gouged from a crash, I can touch it up with the spray.

how about no, plastics are cheap and it looks like you are too.


Wow, another one with attitude. We sure get alot of those here.

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Whatever man. I am experimenting with the old plastics just for fun. If anything I am spending extra cash cuz the stuff is $10.00 a can. If you dont think it is a good idea, that is cool but you need to lighten up and not be an &%$#@! eh?

So if they came out with scratch-proof plastics for your bike, you wouldnt buy them cuz you are such a high roller!!

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I like that idea. I don't know how well that stuff will stick, though. Maybe you should sand them a little first. Or, crash a few more times. :)

Go for it!

I have used the Dupont stuff (I think it's dupont) anyways its 8 bucks a can, I got black, 16.5 oz per can. For somethings it worked for others it didn't.

I used it on the plastic frame gaurds, front and rear disc cover and the kickstand.

Worked EXCELLENT on the kickstand! Stuff won't come off, not wearing much either. Worked pretty good on the frame gaurds as well, but it chips off plastic easier.

Worked kina crappy on the front disc gaurd. It is cracking and flaking off in a few places. It WAS doing ok on the rear plastic disc gaurd, but then I shattered some of the gaurd off so the coating is now flaking.

Just make sure you use a really rough sand paper on the plastic/metal to get the surface nice and textured. Clean it with alchohol too (the rubbing kind!) On high impact parts (like the front disc cover) it will eventually start to flake.

I have found another product at ACE hardware, just a plain old "Rubberized Undercoating" that I bought and will try on the disc gaurd. It is alot more flexible, but will not hold up to scratches as good as bed liner. I'll see what happens with it. :)


Don't let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch (girl)!!** i.e. most of the TT'ers have enough tact and couth to keep from saying such absurdities.

**I am REALLY dating myself, but that is a Donnie Osmond tune >> Don't you think he call himself "Don" or "Dono" or something other than "Donnie" since he is mid to upper 40's?

Back to business. I too think it is worth a try. I JUST ordered new rad shrouds for my WR (white). When these bikes can be pricey to fix, ESPECIALLY COSMETICALLY, cheap is not only better, IT's SMARTER. Exception being maybe "Plastic Renew".

Please post your results. Many of us would benefit!

I have thought about some polishing compound and an electric polisher to see if I can clean up my tank prior to sticking on new graphics...???

IT's SMARTER. Exception being maybe "Plastic Renew".

I saw that stuff at the bike shop. Does it not work like the ad claims?

I bought some of the truck bed coating in a can from Wal-Mart to try on the sides of my frame and my resevoir guard. Thought maybe it would help with grip. I'll let y'all know what I find out.

Well I am cheap ... so cheap that I will wait for you to tell me if it works first! Thanks

"Learn from others mistakes"

Plastic Renew works O.K. but I found that a better (cheaper) alternitive to it is Mop and Glow. No Really!. You might try it on your old plastic just for grins. Use steel wool (000) between coats.

Thanks guys. I havnt gotten around to trying it yet. Been busy tinkering with the new(to me) bike. Doing a once over everything before I really start riding it. Soon as I try it, I will post a pic of them good or bad and let you guys check it out.

i know someone who broke (aka put a small crack in) the front fender of their 01 suzuki, so he went out and bought a new fender. he spray painted his old fender silver. never used it, but it looked cool in his garage. paint looked like it would stick okay. probably scratch off, but was cool looking to start with.


Diablo-I like the idea-I've been meaning to try it on the sides of my frame-in place of grip tape. Has anyone tried that-it seems like that would hold up better than any grip tape and you can make it cover any areas you want to...

Since the WR/YZ is the ONLY bike for which black side panels and shrouds are NOT available (fenders are...go figure), I, too have been doing a lot of experimenting with plastic recoating.

1)flexible bumper paint isn't tough enough (scratches easily)

2)metallic auto paint bonds much better than standard enamel or polyurethane

3)surface prep is VERY important: wet-or-dry sandpaper with final hosing with brake cleaner followed by HOT water rinsing works as well or better than any of the high $ professional surface prep agents. You need to get rid of the 'release agents' on the surface of the plastic. Sanding alone won't do this.

4)bed-liner and rubberized coatings don't adhere well and look crappy.

4)If you can tolerate eventual edge scratches/touch-ups, the MOST durable way is to use universal cut-to-fit 16mil background vinyl over your new paint. Go as close to the edges as possible. DO NOT wrap part-way around the edge! It WILL peel! I then put the numbers on and add a layer of clear vinyl. VERY TOUGH & DURABLE! Also makes the part stonger. If you have a heat gun (I'm too bald to own a hair dryer), and a razor and a lot of patience, you can actually wrap all the way around the edges too.

I have spent 2 years trying to find the magic paint. It ain't there. Hot vinyl coating..?

My son's all-black King Cobra 50cc rocket (with our own STRIKE EAGLE graphics) has seen more action and abuse in 2 seasons than my bike will likely ever see. It was originally yellow and purple (gag). Still looks great using the clear over black vinyl over paint approach.

I'd hate to think what I've spent "experimenting", but would try anything else you guys could swear by, I love customizing!...Meantime: UFO, Acerbis, Maier: BOO;HISS;Etc!!!! :D BAD BOYS AND THEIR TOYS WEAR BLACK!! :) WR's should look as mean as they sound! :D

Just did my side panels with some cool alloy (grey/silver/pewter) specialty resto paint which looks promising... :D

I used the black colored bed liner spray on the airbox panels and handlebars yesterday. It looks really good and it seems to stick very well. My running boards for my truck are plastic and the stuff has been on there for almost 7 months no problems. Cant imagine how many rocks have hit them on the highway too! I will put my new plastics on the bike when they come in and just expiriment with the old ones. Probably wont look that great but, if I know I will be going to the mountains for some really hard riding, I can always slap on the old ones with the coating.

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