XR100 Tire Size?

I have a friend who's got an XR100, It's been sitting outside for years, it's no older than 2000 but the tires are so old and molded we can't find the size to get a new set... anyone have an idea of what the size may be?

Thanks :banghead:


2.50-19 front, 3.00-16, as stated, on the rear

You Guys Rockkkkkkkkkkkk

Just did some searching.... Can't find anyone supplying them :banghead:

Anyone even got a second hand pair?

The tires have been vandalised beyond use and they've almost molded through.

Although a nice new pair would be great

90/100/16 and 70/100/19. Uses the same tires as any BW 80/85 bike.

Just got a new tire from TT. Price was good. It was a 2.75 x19

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